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An otaku lifestyle blog dedicated to giving the anime community get the most out of their anime, manga, figures, models, and conventions.

The NTR Radio Network

The Realest Anime Podcast on the Internet. NTR Radio is raw, irreverent, and pulls no punches, discussing the most important topics in the community.

NYAAN – The Magazine

NYAAN – The Magazine brings together voices, perspectives, and talents from across the anime community for an old-school, physical-release, fanzine.

What is SLC Media?

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She's Lost Control Media is a media company for otaku, by otaku. We're dedicated to meeting the fans at their level, because we're fans ourselves. The cultures surrounding anime, gaming, and other fandoms are magical to witness in action, and we at SLC Media have a passion for sharing these subcultures and helping them grow.

  • Iyashikei

    Otaku Lifestyle & Con Culture

  • NTR Radio

    Your Waifu is (Not) Safe

  • NYAAN - The Magazine

    Not Your Average Anime Nerds

  • Attract Mode

    Never Say "Game Over"

Our Team

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Chris Haughton

President, Lead Content Creator
President, Lead Content Creator, and Head Editor of She’s Lost Control Media. Has a lifelong love and passion for anime, videogames, and otaku culture. Enjoys Gundam, lemonade, and yandere girls.
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Matt McNeil

Graphic Designer – Iyashikei
Graphic Designer and Content Creator for Iyashikei. Enjoys anything otaku, and computers. His one true love is sushi.
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Chris Melo

Content Creator – Iyashikei
Content Creator for Iyashikei. Easy going. Video Game/Anime lover. Internet Werewolf.
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Host – NTR Radio
kgods can be heard on NTR Radio (as co-founder) delivering bad jokes and trying to see the humor in all things. When he’s not screwing something up, he can be found listening to Metal, playing JRPGs, reading historical texts, and generally being a thorn in the side of wholesome taste everywhere.
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Host – NTR Radio
Runner of the blog, artist and proud defender of the moe otaku life style. Likes to collects crazy amounts of moe and mecha related toys along with art books.
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-Kage Setsuna-

Character Artist – NYAAN
Kage Setsuna is an up-and-coming artist and cosplay addict starting to make her way into the online media world.