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She’s Lost Control Media is a media company for otaku, by otaku. We’re dedicated to meeting the fans at their level, because we’re fans ourselves. The cultures surrounding anime, gaming, and other fandoms are magical to witness in action, and we at SLC Media have a passion for sharing these subcultures and helping them grow.

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Otaku Lifestyle & Con Culture

Iyashikei is an otaku lifestyle blog dedicated to helping the anime community get the most out of their anime, manga, figures, models, and conventions. We bring you news and views on subjects of interest to otaku from passionate writers with a dedication to the culture.

NTR Radio

The Realest Anime Podcast(s)

The NTR Radio Network plays host to the realest anime podcasts on the planet. Frank discussion, interesting perspectives, and unmitigated passion.

NYAAN – The Magazine

Not Your Average Anime Nerds

A fan-made physical/digital magazine focusing on showcasing the work and perspectives of the talented creators in the anime community.


FUNimation’s GamerGate Blunder

FUNimation has gotten into some hot water with fans recently, regarding their broadcast dub of Prison School. In a scene, one character accuses another of being “one of those dumbass GamerGate creepshows.”

The Anti-Moé Brigade and The “Loser” Narrative

Pathologization of otaku is a thread that runs deep in Anti-Moé Brigade rhetoric. It makes sense: If you can convince people that only terrible people can conceivably like a thing, you’ll succeed in vilifying that thing. As a result, people who subscribe to Anti-Moé Brigade thinking often fixate upon the most egregious and weird examples …