She’s joined Celestial Being! – Gundam 00


Time Enforcer Anubis here with a fresh review!

Taking Gundam out of the Universal Century is a difficult thing to do well. Views are mixed about series such as Gundam Wing and Gundam SEED. They’re series some people may enjoy, but some people may despise, and Gundam 00 is no different.

Gundam 00 is set 300 years in the future. Our future, as indicated by the use of the Anno Domini timeline. Mobile suits are commonplace and, following a near depletion of the Earth’s fossil fuels, massive orbital elevators have been built to generate solar power. These elevators, three of them, each controlled by a different set of nations, are big points of contention for the world powers, and the world teeters on the brink of all-out war between the three blocs.

Enter Celestial Being, a private, neutral organization armed with a series of powerful Gundam mobile suits. Celestial Being’s purpose is clear: To eliminate war among the Earth’s nations. They ruthlessly intervene in any military conflict, eradicating both sides of the battlefield, all the while making their presence unmistakably known.

Based in A.D.-era Earth, Gundam 00 does a good job at presenting a very post-9-11 atmosphere with the way it presents conflict. The Middle East is portrayed as a war-torn, ravaged land in constant conflict, both for political and religious reasons. Meanwhile, in the heart of the first-world nations, the conflict begins to hit home with terrorist attacks, and the series does well at focusing on the moral conflicts behind Celestial Being’s actions, and how they affect the world and the people in it.

On the mecha side of things, the designs are very solid for the setting. Mobile suits are still a relatively new technology. Mobile Suits that fly under their own power are extremely rare, and many countries are still fielding MSes that more resemble tanks on legs than mecha. These suits are extremely underpowered compared to the Gundams, and it shows, from the very beginning.

All-in-all, Gundam 00 presents a conflict that raises moral questions, and does it in a way we living in the real world can relate to: Using our real world as the setting. If you like mecha anime that go into the affect its mecha have on the world, give Gundam 00 a shot.

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