Personnel Reconnaissance: Selnia Iori Flameheart

As far as ecchi anime goes, Ladies Versus Butlers! is about as good as it gets: Pure romance-comedy with a heavy dose of ecchi that doesn’t try to be anything other than an ecchi romance-comedy.

LvB is also special for another reason. It introduced a character that stuck with me quicker than most characters from other shows in the same genre.

That character is one Miss Selnia Iori Flameheart

Physical Appearance

The first thing one is likely to notice about Flameheart is how she’s proportioned. She’s bigger around the hips, waist, legs, and bust than more typical anime girls, immediately setting her apart. Though by no means fat, she’s certainly curvier than most. Akio Takami’s art style no doubt does wonders for her. She has a very soft body, especially her breasts, and that detail is constantly played for laughs in the anime.

Her other distinct feature, also played for laughs often in the anime, is her hairstyle. Her two gigantic, inexplicable drill curls give her that much more of a memorable appearance, and the way they spin and make drill noises when she gets angry serves to underline the over-the-top, zany style of the series in general.



Selnia is a tsundere-type, through and through.  She also carries with her the pride and conceit of her refined upbringing and high-class lifestyle. She’s quick to lose her composure when flustered, but always quick to regain it as well. She has quite a competitive streak, not liking to lose or embarrass herself. This works against her in the face of Akiharu Hino’s accidental perverseness and Tomomi Saikyo’s sharp tongue. At the same time, she’s quite concerned with keeping face. Outwardly, she practically radiates high-class. However, as seen through her interaction with Akiharu, she’s a normal girl inside.


Character Development

Miss Flameheart’s tsuntsun turns more deredere around episode 8 of the anime, where Akiharu saves her from drowning. She shows another side of her personality then. Past her concern with keeping face, she knows when it’s time to swallow her pride and be humble. She also finally comes to terms with her own feelings about Akiharu (After both her father and her maids basically tried to set them up with each other.), culminating in a kiss that would usually signify the end of a romance-comedy series.



Personally-speaking, I’m a fan of distinctive tsundere characters, as well as characters that are and/or act like high-class individuals and Selnia’s a wonderful example. That, coupled with her body type, has made her quite a memorable character to me, and my favorite part of Ladies Versus Butlers!.

So, I turn to you readers. Love Selnia? Hate Selnia? What do you think of her?



‘Till next time!




3 thoughts on “Personnel Reconnaissance: Selnia Iori Flameheart”

  1. I’ll let you guess how I feel about the subject. Seriously though, is this a feature you plan to continue? Character profiling I mean. I like her for the same reasons you do.

    When I originally sat down to watch LvB!, I thought her hair style would be a real sticking point.

  2. Yeah, the Personnel Reconnaissance feature is a thing I plan on continuing.

    Selnia really struck a chord with me when I first watched LvB!. Character-wise, she’s probably one of the characters that made it to my list of favorites the quickest.

  3. I liked the fact that she was different type of tsundere from the DFC loli Rie Kugimiya clones (not to insult characters like Lotte).

    Although I think my personal favorites from LvB are Pina and Mimina. 😉

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