The Nintendo Double-Standard


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Back on the old blog, I made a post about the clamour for originality coming from gamers. It’s still something I think is an issue in the gaming community, and it’s related to the issue I present here.

The expectations placed on game developers are pretty high. The people want quality games. We’re in an age where sub-par graphics and gameplay glitches are unacceptable. However, in addition to actual game quality, you can bet someone will complain if a game isn’t original.

Any game, that is, but a Nintendo game.

Now, I make it no secret that I’m not exactly a Nintendo fan. In fact, I’ve been a Sega kid for as long as I’ve been gaming. To a Nintendo fan, the things I say about Nintendo might seem like aimless bashing, but from the outside looking in, it really seems like there’s a double-standard at play here. I see a willingness to settle with Nintendo that isn’t given to any other company. People yawn and complain about how they’re on the 8th Call of Duty game or the 6th Halo FPS, but go nuts when Nintendo says they’re releasing Ocarina of Time on the 3DS.

The only explanation I can think of for this is the presence of a double-standard, and while some people might write this off as just some Sega fan’s sour grapes, it’s worrying that gaming “giant” Nintendo doesn’t have anything more than the same franchises they’ve been rehashing since the NES, SNES, and N64 eras, and with the recent E3, it’s become even more apparent.

Nintendo announced at this past E3 that their upcoming console, the Wii U, will have third-party support, just like the other two consoles currently out. The difference? People cheered and proclaimed “Nintendo won E3.” The Wii U, with capabilities comparable the other two consoles currently out, and with third-party support that the other two consoles already have, is, at best, on-par with the other two consoles. But somehow, it’s better because it’s Nintendo.

The way I see it, Nintendo gets a free ride just because they created these franchises that everyone loved as a kid. Much of the gaming populace seems to lose their principles when Nintendo gets involved. The clamour for new games becomes an unconditional love for the latest Nintendo franchise game. Nintendo just isn’t held to the same standard as other gaming companies, because they’re expected to do nothing else but rehash the same decades-old franchises again and again.

I feel the double-standard in place is irresponsible, and I feel there’s a choice that the gaming community will have to make sooner or later: Either accept the status quo, stop clamouring for originality, and accept Halo 6 and CoD 8 along with Super Mario 14, or continue to desire originality, but hold Nintendo to the same standard as everyone else, so we can all enjoy some fresh, original games.

Nintendo doesn’t need to be the only company allowed to continue its franchises. At the same time, every other gaming company shouldn’t be held in contempt just because they aren’t making original games.


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