Personnel Reconnaissance: Kotonoha Katsura

School Days is a particularly infamous series. Based off of an eroge, the anime is notorious for its bad ending, as well as how it turns the harem genre completely on its head. This makes for particularly compelling characters to be both loved and hated. Of the School Days characters, there was one in particular […]

Event Report: The Retro Gamer Challenge

Howdy! Time Enforcer Anubis here, with a little something special! I recently attended “The Retro Gamer Challenge,” an event hosted by the Federation of Retro and Arcade Gamers (F.R.A.G.). Though I was only able to attend the last two hours of this nearly ten-hour event, I had a great time, and will be looking forward […]

It’s Not So Bad in the Niche

Howdy! Time Enforcer Anubis here with some thoughts on the gaming world! It’s not hard to see that the current gaming climate is warmer for certain gamers. Those looking for shooters certainly don’t have a hard time looking for something to play. The climate is colder for gamers who play games in genres that might […]

She’s taken Bagram Airfield!

Howdy! Time Enforcer Anubis here with another review! In recent years, the modern-day military shooter genre has, in a way, become the new WWII shooter. In fact, the two big modern shooter franchises, Call of Duty and Battlefield, were both spawned from games based in WWII. Recently, however, another old WWII veteran franchise has made […]