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Time Enforcer Anubis here, with a little something special!

I recently attended “The Retro Gamer Challenge,” an event hosted by the Federation of Retro and Arcade Gamers (F.R.A.G.). Though I was only able to attend the last two hours of this nearly ten-hour event, I had a great time, and will be looking forward to future F.R.A.G. events.

The Retro Gamer Challenge consisted of a set of challenges in a variety of old-school games, ranging from Atari 2600 titles to N64, Playstation, and even a DreamCast game. Twelve games in total were lined up, set up in three rounds of four games each. Each game had its own challenge and criteria, from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s horseback archery course and Super Mario 64’s slide race course to various “score attack” competitions.

The criteria for each challenge were well-balanced. A skilled gamer who knew what he or she was doing could ace many of the challenges, and nothing seemed particularly impossible. The majority of the games were also straightforward enough to learn in a few seconds, which was good for people like me, who, sadly, haven’t played many games from before the Saturn/PS/N64 era.

In addition to the main challenge, there were also some side-challenges and tournaments, including a Super Mario Bros. speedrun challenge, a Tetris marathon, and tournaments for Goldeneye 64, Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter II Turbo, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. There was also a Kinect set up to try out, with games including Child of Eden and Dance Central. Toy Vault, a local vintage toy and game store franchise (Also the place I get my Virtual-On models), set up shop at the event, with a plethora of old-school games and consoles for sale.

Once the three rounds were done, the top three scorers were set up for the final challenge: Five minutes of Ghosts n Goblins, highest score wins, reset score on game-over and continue.

While there, I took two videos, one of the final challenge and one of the award ceremony:

Final challenge

Award ceremony

All-in-all, not only did I have a lot of fun playing timeless games with people who also appreciate the classics, the event has re-invigorated my love for old-school games. As such, the month of August will be dedicated to spotlights on some of my favorite classic games.

F.R.A.G. sure knows how to party.


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