Personnel Reconnaissance: Kotonoha Katsura

School Days is a particularly infamous series. Based off of an eroge, the anime is notorious for its bad ending, as well as how it turns the harem genre completely on its head. This makes for particularly compelling characters to be both loved and hated.

Of the School Days characters, there was one in particular that caught my attention, and not from hatred, like many of the other characters in School Days.

That character is Kotonoha Katsura.

Physical Appearance

Kotonoha’s primary stand-out feature is her bust. While prominent, the anime treats her chest in a more modest way, giving her a pure, non-vulgar sort of appeal. She carries herself in a dignified manner, from her long hair to the way she sits. This dignity, however, doesn’t extend to a sense of superiority. Rather, she has an air of modest grace about her. Her downward-curved eyes make her always looks a bit sad, which makes her predicament even worse to watch.



Kotonoha has what many might consider a “desirable” personality. She’s very much the quiet girl in the corner. She’s modest, polite, soft-spoken, and has homemaker-type hobbies such as cooking and knitting. A good friend and a devoted girlfriend, Kotonoha radiates dignity, femininity, and all of the qualities that make a good Yamato Nadeshiko character. She never quite loses her air of dignity, giving her a very pure presence.

At school, she’s consistently the target of bullying, and is constantly pressured into doing the majority of the work for the student council. Her timid nature makes her a pushover, easily ordered around by the other girls in the council. However, after a while dating Makoto (Or at least believing so), she does stand up for herself.


Character Development

Poor, poor Kotonoha…

Kotonoha starts off the series with a crush on series protagonist Makoto Itou. She’s delighted to find out that Makoto feels the same way about her, and they quickly start dating. While Makoto seems to be moving too fast for her, she’s devoted enough to him to deal with it.

Over the course of the anime, however, we see Kotonoha slowly slip into delusion. Though constantly confronted with evidence that Makoto is cheating on her, she continues to believe that he and her are still going out, at first genuinely, then delusively. Eventually, she breaks down and falls into insanity, talking to Makoto on her cell phone, even though her phone is dead and Makoto had blocked her number. She regains her sanity after Makoto finds her in the park and realizes his mistake, only to lose it once again after finding Makoto dead in his apartment.



Kotonoha Katsura is a fantastic example of a good character in a bad situation. Meticulously designed to be a desirable character to the show’s target demographic, she’s a big part of the reason School Days succeeds at flipping the harem genre upside-down. While she presents the perfect girlfriend for the protagonist, she’s ultimately rejected, and her devotion, coupled with her weak constitution, cause her to slide into delusion.

Kotonoha made School Days. Without her and the way her character was presented, School Days could never be as compelling as it was.

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2 thoughts on “Personnel Reconnaissance: Kotonoha Katsura”

  1. Now here’s a fine look at one of the more interesting characters of our time. It’s hard to not feel sorry for her, given how big of a douche hat that Makoto turns out to be. I think the creators purposefully made her this way [warm and inviting personality] so that they could use this to crush the viewers’ heart. I can say with great confidence that it was pretty effective. Every person I know that has seen School Days left it feeling a perpetual state of ‘bummed out’ or something akin to that.

    The qualities that make her an endearing and likeable character are the epitome of moé, at least in my definition of the term. It’s clear that the creators wanted you to feel bad for her and did everything in their power to make her life suck. “How could anyone dislike Kotonoha?” was uttered by more than a few otaku.

    The main (and only) criticism that I have heard in regards to her is that she had an unrealistic view of romance. I kind of disagree with this. Actually, it seems to me that it’s just quainter in nature than the ridiculous courting rituals that permeate modern dating. Makoto is the “modern man” in this context. While he does get a fair share of booty, all of it is empty, loveless and superficial.

    1. Yeah, I certainly wouldn’t call her view of romance “unrealistic.” Fact is, she just really loves Makoto, and I think that’s another element of her likability. While many otaku would complain about modern dating and the hoop-jumping involved, Kotonoha presents a woman who’s unconcerned with all that, loving the protagonist unconditionally simply because she loves him, and that’s why School Days hit so hard.

      Makoto was living many otaku’s dream with Kotonoha, but not only did he callously choose instead to get as much ass as possible, he also strung her along and, while he eventually got his comeuppance, it’s bittersweet, because we never get to see Makoto and Kotonoha’s relationship flourish.

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