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Studio Feel has recently come into much fame among the anime community (Especially ecchi and harem fans) for its recent work on Kissxsis and Yosuga no Sora. This being the case, their most recent venture, Mayo Chiki!, has a lot to live up to.

Mayo Chiki is a 2011 light novel based ecchi series with some harem elements. It focuses on Kinjirou Sakamachi, a highschool student who suffers from gynophobia. As a reflex from being beat up by his sister and mother since childhood, he gets a nosebleed whenever a girl touches him. This has, however, made him a fairly competent fighter, in addition to giving him an abnormally high pain tolerance.

Kanade Suzutsuki, the school idol, and her butler, Subaru Konoe, cross paths with Kinjirou when he walks in on Subaru using the bathroom and discovers that Subaru is actually a girl. Kinjirou promises to keep Subaru’s secret and, in return, Kanade and Subaru agree to help cure him of his gynophobia.

Contrary to Kissxsis, which was unrepentantly graphic about its ecchi, and Yosuga no Sora, which included a lot of straight-up sex, Mayo Chiki!’s ecchi is more teasing. Partial nudity, stocking-clad thighs, bouncing breasts, and an appeal to certain preferences such as butlers, maids, crossdressing, and glasses give the show’s ecchi a very tasteful quality.

Mayo Chiki! has a quite colorful cast of characters. Kinjirou, while gynophobic and lamenting his situation, is resolute in protecting Subaru’s secret. Subaru, while sworn to obey her mistress Kanade, of course develops feelings for Kinjirou. Kanade, while showing obvious feelings for Kinjirou, has quite a sadistic streak. As an icing on the cake, Eri Kitamura’s voice work for Kanade is absolutely spot on.

While the main trio provides a very good cast on their own, the supporting characters are just as interesting, from resident twintailed tsundere Masamune Usami to cat-eared yaoi fangirl Nakuru Narumi, and Kureha Sakamachi, Kinjirou’s aspiring pro-wrestler little sister.

In Mayo Chiki!, the story goes where the hilarity and gags most need it. Depending on what you’re looking for, this might be good or bad. Those looking for a show that makes a point of telling a story will likely be disappointed. Though Mayo Chiki! includes other elements besides the ecchi romance-comedy, including fairly well-done fight scenes, they’re intermittent at best, and can’t really be counted upon to hold the series up.

Mayo Chiki! is the kind of show that can be consumed an episode of two at a time without really missing much between sittings. It’s a fun show that isn’t too ecchi, but is just ecchi enough to tease the viewer. Mayo Chiki! shows a little skin, but it’s neither vulgar nor particularly rampant. Instead, its combination of soft ecchi, brilliant characters, and beautiful presentation make it a great show for ecchi fans. If you’re looking for an ecchi comedy anime to just watch and enjoy, Mayo Chiki! is one to look for.

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