She’s rescued the Proton King! – Seek and Destroy


Time Enforcer Anubis here with a fresh review!

Every now and again, you find a game that can be quirky and weird while taking itself seriously at the same time. It isn’t weird for weird’s sake; it’s just a game that happens to be odd. The game I have today is one of these games.

The game is Seek and Destroy.

Seek and Destroy is a vehicle action game for the PS2, released in 2002 and developed by Takara. It tells a story of war on Quewar, “the world of steel,” a planet apparently inhabited by sapient vehicles that have formed their own nations. The Q-stein Empire, having declared war on the Proton Kingdom, invades in a massive blitzkrieg. The war rages on until a weakened Proton Kingdom, holding only a few small towns, begins to push the Q-steins out of their territory.

Don’t be fooled by the box art. While the cover might depict an intense, hardcore tank simulator, taking place perhaps in Desert Storm or some hypothetical near-future war, the game is anything but that. Short, squashed-looking tanks fight it out in surprisingly fast-paced battles.

Don’t be fooled by the visuals, either. The controls are intuitive, the combat is intense, and the game as a whole is pretty well-executed and takes itself fairly seriously for such a cartoony game. Players choose from a wide array of tanks from the WWII era to the modern day, from all countries around the world. Each tank has its own advantages, and those play into the game’s core mechanic: Customization. A plethora of parts and weapons exists, available for purchase with money earned in missions. Weapons range from standard tank rounds, machineguns, and missiles to laser beams, chainsaws, and positron cannons. Customizable parts include turret gears, engines, caterpillar tracks, radars, and targeting computers.

The game’s campaign has a lot of replay value by itself. Missions are started by driving to certain areas on an overworld map. The order in which missions are completed determine which missions open up next. It’ll take more than one or two playthroughs to see all the missions and unlock all the tanks. In addition to the missions, the game has a collection of minigames and arena battles, all of which can be played both within the campaign and in two-player splitscreen.

Though the game does its best to balance itself, some of the more powerful and expensive upgrades make some parts of the game almost trivially easy, especially when replaying the earlier levels after finishing the game. The game is also fairly short, able to be finished in one sitting of a few hours.

Seek and Destroy is an example of a pure fun game in a great package. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense entertaining game with a bit of challenge, Seek and Destroy is your game. If you can find this obscure, 2002 Playstation 2 title, you’ll no doubt find it for cheap, and you’ll get much more than your money’s worth out of it.

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