Versus Mode: Virtua Fighter 5 Online vs. Dead or Alive 4


Virtua Fighter 5 Online is graphically quite high-quality in terms of 3D fighting games. The characters and stages are all rendered very nicely, and it’s easy to tell that Sega wanted the game to look polished and high-quality.

Dead or Alive 4, however, while not as powerful graphically, has an aesthetic that more than makes up for this disadvantage. The Dead or Alive franchise has always been famous for its beautiful female characters, and DOA4 is certainly no exception. While male characters also look very good, there has always been a focus within the Dead or Alive franchise on the women in the game’s roster (The existence of Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball is proof of this). Much like in ecchi anime, special care has been taken in rendering how the girls’ breasts and skirts move during fighting. While subtle, some may find it to be a nice touch, and it certainly plays to the game’s visual style.

Combined with the fluid movements of the characters, the game’s vibrant, exciting aesthetic makes Virtua Fighter 5’s visuals seem almost bland by comparison. In addition, DOA4’s stages are a great deal more detailed, a result of the game’s dynamic stages.