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In terms of comedy anime, it’s not difficult to get a few chuckles, especially with sexual humor. A pantyshot here, a boob grab there, and voila: Humor. However, it’s tougher to get genuine laughs. It takes more than just a few pervy details to come up with something hilarious.

Seitokai Yakuindomo (Commonly abbreviated as SYD) is a 4-panel-comic-based anime about Takatoshi Tsuda, a male high school student who attends Osai Academy, a school that just recently changed from all-girls to co-ed, and becomes the vice-president of the student council. The other student council members consist of president Shino Amakusa, who constantly has something perverted on her mind, secretary Aria Shichijo, who’s well-endowed and rich, but can be quite airheaded, and treasurer Suzu Hagimura, who, despite being a genius, has the body of an elementary school student.

Most of SYD’s 13 episodes consist of three mini-episodes, each packed full of gags and hilarity. The humor is very short-form and rapid-fire. Joke-after-joke-after-joke plays out in quick succession, drawing out a constant stream of laughs. Genuine laughs. Whether about Suzu’s height (Or lack thereof) or Shino’s woeful lack of knowledge about men, there’s always something to at least giggle at, if not outright guffaw.

As far as presentation goes, SYD does a very good job. Its art style is distinct and expressive, and it doesn’t skimp on transitions to super-deformed style for humor. It’s easy to tell that it was based off of a 4-panel comic. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing is up to the reader, but at the very least, SYD the anime knows its roots enough to stick to its guns and provide an anime that closely translates the tried-and-true “4koma” style of humor into animation.

As another 4-panel comic anime, SYD doesn’t seem like something that would really turn heads. Indeed, with shows like Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star both having established places in fans’ hearts, one could be forgiven for wondering what SYD could bring to the table.

The writers of SYD are obviously kings of dirty humor. Almost every other joke is a sexual reference, including many of the visual gags, and to those who enjoy that kind of humor, SYD will be a non-stop laugh-fest.

I’d recommend Seitokai Yakuindomo to anyone looking for a great comedy anime to watch who isn’t adverse to dirty jokes. I also recommend watching it in a group to amplify the humor. If you love to laugh, SYD needs to be on your list.


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