Personnel Reconnaissance: C.C.

Code Geass is one of my favorite anime, and as with all of my favorite anime, the characters are a big part of what made the show for me. Code Geass had a lot of characters, most of which were very well-implemented, but one in particular stands out to me as possibly one of my favorite characters.

That character is C.C.


Character Overview

Though C.C.’s actual title is never mentioned, she’s described as a “Witch.” She’s a mysterious immortal woman who forms “contracts” with people, granting them powers known as Geass, with the promise that they will grant a wish for her at a later point in time. In the series, C.C. is the one who granted Lelouch Lamperouge his Geass and set in motion the events of the show.


Physical Appearance

C.C.’s primary standout feature is, as many people will point out, her butt. The rest of her frame is fairly slim (CLAMP’s character designs at work). Her legs aren’t particularly thick, and her breasts, while not particularly small, aren’t particularly large either. She probably has the one of the nicest rear-ends I’ve seen on any anime character.

While, most of the time, she has a bored, disinterested look to her face, she goes through a range of emotions, and it’s genuinely satisfying to see her happy.



C.C. is a grade-A example of a kuudere. She’s bored with the world. Cynical, jaded, and indifferent, she doesn’t have much nice to say to anybody, even those with whom she makes contracts. She’s snarky, but in a sort of cut-and-dried, non-embellished way that makes it easy to tell that she’s been snarky for a long time and she means what she says. Every once in a while, however, something will hit her in a way that brings forth a smile, and, just as her snark and cynicism is genuine, her happiness is genuine as well.

Even after losing her memory, and her personality with it, she remains very genuine and no-nonsense, though it was about serving her “Master” Lelouch, rather than just being genuinely jaded like she is normally.


Character Development

C.C.’s extremely impoverished childhood turned around when she met a nun who made a contract with her, blessing (and cursing) her with the power to compel anyone to love her. Her power rescued her from death and, eventually, brought her into the high-class lifestyle. However, in being loved by everyone, she realized that the love she was feeling wasn’t genuine. However, by that point, her Geass had advanced beyond her control. Her only escape was to grant the nun’s wish (Death), but that carried with it its own curse.

C.C. became immortal. By the time when the anime takes place, she had lived centuries and been killed countless times. All of this has shaped her personality. She seems so bored of the world because she is bored of the world. She has seen and done everything, formed contracts with countless people, hoping each would grant her wish to die.

Centuries of disappointment have led her to not expect much from those she makes contracts with. However, Lelouch is able to consistently impress her, as well as satisfy her true wish that she’s wanted all along.



Though having lived for centures, C.C. has never experienced true love. Immortality has shaped her outlook on the world into not so much a bleak one, but one that says “I’ve seen this before and I know what’s going to happen.” She’s cynical, but she of all people has a reason to be. This is why every emotion she shows is absolutely genuine. C.C. keeps it real. Her immortality makes putting on an act pointless, so everything about her is real.

Her boredom is real.

Her smile is real.

Her love is real.

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3 thoughts on “Personnel Reconnaissance: C.C.”

  1. Personally, I am more of a Kallen fan myself I like her proactive attitude and how she everything that she does defy’s the social standard of how females are suppossed to act in anime.

    As for C.C. I agree with you because if you really think about it CC is pretty much at the center of everything in Code Geass from the time Lelouch attained his Geass to when she recovered his memories to when they destroyed the Ragnarok Connection along with Charles vi Brittainia.

    At the end of the series I honestly don’t think that Lelouch could have accomplished so much without the Geass CC bestowed upon him. So everything that Lelouch achived is just as much an accomplishment for CC and that includes changing the world for the better.

    The only point I disagreed with was the fact that she has no love interests it’s apparent that even being as jaded as she was came to fall in love with Lelouch effectively kissing him at the end of Season 1.

    There are many excellent characters in Code Geass but without CC there is no Code Geass.

  2. An excellent post as per usual, Anubis. My favorite female character is also unquestionably C.C., but for slightly different reasoning than what you provided. I like how spunky and sarcastic she could be at times. It was a nice addition to the “Quiet Mysterious” archetype.

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