Personnel Reconnaissance: Sora Kasugano

Yosuga no Sora helped put arc-based harem anime on the map, with its branching episode structure. Its four heroines each have very well-done, fleshed-out paths, and bring the branching style of eroge to anime.

Sora Kasugano is the twin sister of main character Haruka Kasugano. Though she’s spoiled, jealous, and possessive, she became my favorite character as I watched the series.

Physical Appearance

Sora has a petite and frail frame. She’s subtly built and has pale skin. Her most standout feature is particularly how waifish she looks. Her fragile, pale appearance and little-sister status help to draw out the protective aspect of moé from the audience.

She’s often seen in a Lolita dress. That, coupled with her pale complexion and subtle figure, gives her a doll’s appearance and, even though she and her brother are the same age, makes her look a good deal younger than Haruka.



Sora’s personality is something that might take some time to warm up to. On the surface, she’s distant, spoiled, demanding, and complains a lot. Despite her brother trying his best, she’s always got something to say. She’s also quite jealous, treating her brother with even more scorn when she sees him with another woman.

She spends most of her time at home, surfing the internet or texting her brother. She doesn’t much like, or even care about, other people. She’d much rather be alone with her brother and have her brother’s attention all to herself.

For much of the series, she seems spoiled, selfish, and standoffish with no redeeming value. However, when her arc comes along and Haruka starts really paying attention to her, she shows a much different side of her personality.

She cares a lot more for Haruka than she lets on. In fact, she’s been in love with him ever since he kissed her during a game of hide-and-seek when they were younger.


Character Development

“I’m sorry for lying, Haru. But it’s your fault. For being so close with that wench.”

Throughout the three arcs that aren’t hers, Sora remains distant, at best, and hostile, at worst, toward Haruka, the arc’s heroine, and most other people. She features heavily in Nao’s arc (The two arcs share a common starting point), where she has an active hatred of Nao for taking Haruka’s attention away from her. By the end of the arc, however, Sora warms up to Nao (After Nao ran into a burning building to retrieve Sora’s stuffed rabbit, the only memento she has of her deceased parents) and explains to her that the reason she was so hostile was that she was afraid of losing Haruka.

In Sora’s arc, the final and longest arc (Also the ‘true ending’), Haruka, though still going out with Nao, is preoccupied with Sora, who appears to be actively trying to seduce him away from Nao. After seeing Sora playing with herself while calling his name, it’s all spelled out for him. Sora soon admits that she’s in love with him and the two grow very close very quickly and soon become sexual with each other.

“I’m your sister, but I want to kiss you and have sex with you… But I guess I’m just a bother to you. I’m sorry.”

After being caught having sex and after Haruka expresses feelings of remorse about their relationship, Sora runs away, leaving Haruka a text message phrased like a suicide note. Haruka, however, saves her from drowning herself, and afterward the two leave the town, their bond stronger than ever.



While she’s hostile, spoiled, selfish, and jealous throughout most of the series, Sora’s just a girl who wants to be loved. After losing her parents, her brother Haruka is all she has, and really all she needs, and though Haruka (At least in his mind) entertains the possibility of being with other women, Sora only sees her brother in this world, and she wants her brother to see her, too.


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