How the Anti-Moé Brigade Has Prevented a Genuine Dialogue About Moé

The Anti-Moé Brigade, for all their touted intellectualism, has, for the most part, been very resistant to any actual discussion about moé. They’ll certainly talk about how much it moé sucks and how horrible it is that we aren’t getting more REDLINEs and Cowboy Bebops, but when it comes to actually discussing moé, intellectualism seems […]

She doesn’t have many friends! – Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Howdy! Time Enforcer Anubis here with a fresh review! There’s a lot you can do with the harem genre of anime. With the only requirement being one central character pursued by multiple members of the opposite sex, there’s a lot of freedom in setting, situations, and characters.

Valentinescast 2012: “OH GOD MUGI POOPS ;_;”

NTR Radio episode 3 is here! Being the Valentine’s Day episode, we talk about romance in anime. We also answer another email, and go on a tangent about daytime talk shows in the first segment.   NTR Radio is a three-way venture between Kgods of, VZMK2 of, and myself, Timeenforceranubis of Special […]

Twisted Love February: School Days

“Do you know about the ‘Cellphone Charm?’ If you keep a picture of the person you like on your cellphone for three weeks, and if nobody finds out, your love will be realized!” School Days starts out like any other highschool romance comedy. We see the protagonist, Makoto Itou, his knuckleheaded friend, Taisuke Sawanaga, Kotonoha […]