Twisted Love February: School Days

Likewise with the last scene of episode 9, I skipped the first part of this episode due to my desire to keep what little sanity I still have.

The day after the festival, Makoto and Kotonoha see each other on the train. Makoto apologizes for not going to see her during the festival. Kotonoha seems happy. As the students mull about, cleaning up from the festival, Taisuke’s in an ill-gotten good mood. What a piece of shit. Anyway, while everyone’s wondering what’s got Taisuke so happy, Makoto shows up. He assumes that the Sekai Agency of Covert Intelligence has something to do with it, and she gets defensive because she’s a bitch (Not even a tsundere, just a bitch).

Later, Taisuke talks with Kotonoha, who presents her with Christmas dinner tickets. Kotonoha shoots him right down, because she is Makoto’s girlfriend. Then Taisuke’s bitch ass goes running to Makoto, asking him if he’s still going out with Kotonoha. It goes something like the following:

“WAAAAAAH! Kotonoha still likes you, Makoto. WAAAAAAH! I don’t understand her or you. WAAAAAAAAH! She says she’s still dating you and she’s giving me the cold shoulder! WAAAAAAAH! Kotonoha doesn’t like me!”

Meanwhile, Kotonoha is once again being accosted by the gaggle of bitches. This time, they’re giving her shit because Makoto didn’t come to see her during the festival. Otome, obviously still feeling like a dirty slut after having sex with a guy she barely knows, doesn’t take part in the bullying. Instead, she stares out the window, likely thinking about how much of a whore she is. One of the bitches trips Kotonoha as she walks away.

This is the part where Kotonoha should have picked up one of the wooden beams she was carrying and introduced it to these bints’ faces. This band of bitches has gotten away with their bullshit for far too long. But Kotonoha quietly just picks up her stuff and leaves.

Later, Makoto brings out his class’s garbage. He takes a break to text Otome, but is caught by Setsuna. She asks if he’s still with Kotonoha, and he denies, telling her that he went to the dance with Sekai. Obviously, Setsuna isn’t done trying to dictate other people’s lives, and tells him that he needs to “break up with Kotonoha and only look after Sekai.”

Maybe a good kick in the face will probably teach this bitch that she shouldn’t try and run other people’s lives. It’s not like Makoto’s foot couldn’t reach her face, she’s short as hell. All she has is a sharp tongue, and that doesn’t do much when you’re getting stomped out.

Anyway, Setsuna explains that Sekai needs someone to support her, and that Makoto has to do it because she’s moving to France. Suddenly, Kotonoha shows up. Makoto starts walking to her, but Setsuna grabs him (She’s looooong overdue for a punch in the face, at this point). Setsuna watches as Makoto helps Kotonoha, and she’s not happy about it, because she obviously hasn’t yet grasped the fact that people have free will and might decide to do what they want to do, instead of what she wants them to do.

Kotonoha then asks Makoto if he’d like to spend some time on her family’s yacht. (Now, as an aside, while I’m not saying that her family being loaded is the reason I’d date Kotonoha, Sekai’s family does not have a yacht. Just sayin’. Also, by “spend some time,” she probably means “have sex.” Which means Makoto is about to turn down sex on a yacht.) Anyway, Setsuna decides for him, saying he “promised her something for tomorrow.”

He promised no such thing, but he goes along with it anyway (YOU JUST TURNED DOWN YACHT SEX, YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKER). He then goes on to tell her that they should stop seeing each other (Yeah, that’s totally what you tell the girl who just offered to jump your dick on a yacht). Kotonoha doesn’t believe him, asking if Setsuna forced him to say it (Which is 100% the case) and if it’s part of a plot between Sekai and Setsuna (Also 100% the case). Setsuna says it has nothing to do with Sekai (Which is negative 100% the case).

Kotonoha then threatens to tell Sekai about when Setsuna kissed Makoto while he was sleeping. Then Setsuna calls Kotonoha’s bluff and kisses Makoto right there, pretending to be in love with him (Which is 100% the case). Kotonoha asks if Sekai knows about it, and Setsuna says it’s “none of her business” (REALLY, BITCH!? Like all the shit you’ve done in this anime up until now was none of your business?). Makoto’s stupid ass can’t muster up the courage to tell Setsuna to back the fuck off, and just continues to play along like a fucking stooge.

Later, Makoto and Otome are alone in the gym storage room, just finished having sex. Evidently, Otome’s come to terms with being a slut, which is a-ok for Makoto. She’s just happy he sees her as a woman.

After school, Setsuna shows up at Makoto’s house. His first mistake was letting her in. She grills him about what he was doing in the gym storage room and tells him to break up with Otome, or else she’ll tell Sekai. Makoto then puts the moves on Setsuna, now that she knows she likes him, and she makes him a deal: “Promise you’ll break up with Otome and you can do whatever you want.”

The next day, at the Girls’ Basketball Team’s party, there’s a special surprise in store!

As it turns out, the bitches set up a camera in the “Rest Area,” and Sekai sees the video of Otome and Makoto. She’s pissed and is trying to phone Makoto as she rides the train home. Crossing a bridge over the street, she encounters Kotonoha. Kotonoha tells her that Makoto and Setsuna are together tonight.