Twisted Love February: School Days

Sekai is absent from school. She’s lying in bed at home, sulking because she got a text from Setsuna saying that she had left for France.

That night, the Sekai Ministry Department Agency of Secret Intelligence Information Gathering Department has somehow ended up at Makoto’s apartment and has obviously had sex with him for some reason. Your guess is as good as mine. She then bitches at Makoto about going to visit Sekai. Not my idea of pillow talk.

Meanwhile, Kotonoha sits on the roof of the school, gently stroking something wrapped up in a cloth.

The next day, sulking in her room, Sekai flashes back to an argument she previously had on the roof with Makoto, regarding his escapades with Otome. She tells him that he’s all she has and begs him to stay with her and just her. Afterward, The Sekai Intelligence and Information Department knocks at the door. She tries to cheer Sekai up and get her to come back to school, telling her “If you’re not there, Makoto might cheat on you!” (Possibly the single worst thing she could have said.)

On the train, Kotonoha sends text after text to Makoto, even though her number’s been blocked again. At the school, Otome’s trying to reach Makoto too, but he isn’t answering. She tries to enlist the help of her gaggle of bitches, but they don’t want to get involved, and she storms away to look for Makoto. As she walks away, the rest of the bitches start wondering how good Makoto is. Incidentally, Makoto happens by shortly after, fresh off of having sex with the Sekai Intelligence Department in an empty classroom.

Later that night, Kotonoha talks to Makoto on her phone, even though her number’s blocked. Meanwhile, Sekai’s still sulking in bed, going back through all the texts that Makoto sent her over the course of their relationship. That morning, Makoto’s swimming in bitches.

Kotonoha continues to talk into her phone (At this point, the battery’s run out) in a park, while Sekai still sits in bed, going through texts. Suddenly, Sekai rushes to the bathroom, throwing up. She thinks something serious is up.

The next day, she comes back to school and immediately calls Makoto out right in the middle of class, telling him she’s pregnant (Yeah, ‘cause that’s the way to get a guy to come back around: Public humiliation.). The gaggle of bitches decides they shouldn’t see him anymore. The Sekai Covert Intelligence Bureau is done with him, too. The school is abuzz with news of what he did. He goes home early and starts going through all of his old porn mags.

He’s delighted when he gets a call from Otome. Later, she comes over. She doesn’t want to come inside, however. She tells him he’s changed since junior high, and now even her slutty ass is through with him. Later, Sekai starts staying over Makoto’s, making dinner. Makoto goes out and walks around the park, trying to call everyone in his phone for a quick fuck. Nobody answers their phone.

He then remembers Kotonoha. Lo and behold, standing in front of him, there she is. Still not in her right mind, she goes on about how she wants to become a suitable girlfriend for Makoto. As she continues to babble, Makoto tries to snap her out of hit, getting more and more distraught himself as she goes on about how much she loves him.

As he breaks down and embraces her, the color returns to her eyes.