Twisted Love February: School Days

Makoto calls up Kotonoha. Her little sister Kokoro answers the phone. As Kotonoha wrestles the phone from her, she expresses a big interest in meeting Makoto. The next day, at lunch, Makoto and Kotonoha talk about her sister, and the possibility of Makoto visiting Kotonoha’s house.

After lunch, however, Kotonoha is accosted by a gaggle of bitches from the Student Council who come to push all the work onto her so they can go be lazy and talk about what boys they’re inviting to the School Festival, even though they just got pissed at Kotonoha for spending time with her boyfriend instead of doing the work that they probably should have done anyway.

Sekai’s network of informants spots Makoto with Kotonoha, and texts her:

“Your boyfriend seems to have a thing for that quiet girl in Class-4”

She replies that she and Makoto aren’t dating, and then chews out Makoto for performing public displays of affection with Kotonoha. The next day, Kotonoha takes the bus to school, avoiding Makoto. Lunchtime, Sekai runs off with her friends, and Makoto heads up to the roof, hoping to see Kotonoha there. Kotonoha arrives soon after, and the two discuss Makoto visiting Kotonoha’s home. Meanwhile, Sekai and her friends discuss Makoto.

After school, Setsuna visits Sekai at work, and the two discuss Makoto more. She asks if Sekai and Makoto are really not dating, which they aren’t.

Makoto visits Kotonoha’s house, and much fun is had by all, until Kokoro asks why Makoto still calls Kotonoha by her family name. While the two are out walking, they finally start calling each other by their given names. Before they go their separate ways, Kotonoha leans in and gives him a kiss…

…on the cheek…

That night, Makoto reports in to Sekai. He seems to be doing alright, until…

“Having Kotonoha as a partner is kind of…tiring.”