Twisted Love February: School Days

Makoto’s still moving too fast. He cops a feel while kissing with Kotonoha on the roof, but she’s still uncomfortable with being touched. Later, Kotonoha calls up Sekai, and they talk about “this and that” (sex). She decides to give it another shot, this time armed with tickets to a water park. She catches him on the train (Under the careful surveillance of Sekai’s Intelligence Bureau) and begins to ask him out, but is interrupted by the train lurching and Makoto’s hand landing on the same left breast he squeezed earlier.

Makoto’s detached look after the accident is kind of disgusting. He stares blankly out the window, he barely apologizes, and then goes on about how “she doesn’t want to be touched.” Dejected, she hides the tickets and doesn’t press the issue.

The SIA (Sekai Intelligence Agency) reports back to Sekai once at school and, at lunchtime, Sekai takes Makoto aside to talk with him, leaving Kotonoha to wait up on the roof all alone and still feeling self-conscious. Sekai then offers to be his “practice partner” and give him “special training” on how to touch women (Because that isn’t incredibly slutty, or anything), and Makoto, too goddamn dense to realize how infinitely bad an idea this is, goes along with it.

After searching fruitlessly for a place with some privacy, Makoto and Sekai go up to the roof. Meanwhile, Kotonoha hasn’t seen Makoto all day and wants to make up with him, but returns home, not knowing that he’s right now up on the roof groping another woman. I guess the situation is win-win for Sekai and Makoto. Makoto gets to touch real breasts unprotested, and Sekai finally gets some affection out of Makoto, even if it does make her seem like a whore. Anyway, Makoto can’t help himself, and neither can Sekai, and she lets him strip her.

Incidentally, while walking home, Makoto runs into Kotonoha, who not only is none the wiser about his infidelity, but seems to have cheered up. Smiling, she presents him with the tickets to the water park.

Sekai likes to watch