Twisted Love February: School Days

Stop, Setsuna. Quit trying to be cute. You’re a bitch.

So, not only Makoto and Kotonoha, but Sekai, Setsuna, SI-5 (Sekai Intelligence, Section 5), and Makoto’s dumbass friend Taisuke are at the water park. After some girls’ locker room swimsuit fanservice, we flash back to the previous day. Sekai and Makoto are discussing the park in class, when the Sekai Ministry of Counterintelligence shows up and presents Makoto with a ticket. Not for him, but for Makoto to give to his dumbass friend (She obviously likes him).

After the girls get finished dressing, we get some more swimsuit fanservice, of course. As it turns out, Kotonoha can’t swim, and Makoto has volunteered to teach her. When Sekai’s Military Intelligence Department asks Taisuke to teach her how to swim, Taisuke, who’s sickeningly desperate for any female attention at all, is quick to accept her request. So, she drags him and his boner away.

Makoto pulls Kotonoha along in the water for a bit, but she slips and she and her breasts fall into him. Makoto is suddenly reminded what real boobs feel like, and hugs her closer, while Sekai’s dejected, voyeuristic ass watches from the sidelines.

After some waterslide humor, Sekai approaches Makoto, who’s waiting as Kotonoha is off doing something else. She teases him about his earlier PDA with Kotonoha, but offhandedly mentions her training. Makoto “thinks he might need more training” (Code for: He wants to fondle Sekai more because she’s easy). Makoto also mentions that it’s “easier being an idiot with” Sekai, but she continues to try to push him back toward Kotonoha.

At lunch, Taisuke eats a metric ton of Kotonoha’s sandwiches (because he thinks it’ll get him brownie points) while Sekai sits all alone, looking dejected. Also, Taisuke apparently thought Makoto was going out with Sekai, too.

After lunch, more Makoto/Kotonoha swim training (With more swimsuit fanservice) and Kotonoha being more affectionate than usual. Meanwhile, everyone watches from the sidelines, Taisuke bawling over Makoto having Kotonoha. He pleads Sekai to find him a girlfriend, just like she did for Makoto, and she agrees, giving a wink to her Ministry of Espionage.

Water park adventures over, Kotonoha, first of the girls to get changed and dry her hair, approaches Makoto and invites him over to her house the next week. He doesn’t look very happy, but before he can say yes or no, the other girls show up and Sekai, noticing Makoto’s mood, pulls him aside. While talking at him, she mentions her “training” again. Again, she shoots him down.

On the way home, Makoto can’t stop looking at Sekai, and is quick to separate with Kotonoha on the train platform. He can’t stop thinking about Sekai, and forgoes his train to run and see her. She meets him outside the train station and he runs to her, confessing his love to her (No, Makoto. You don’t love Sekai. You love easy pussy.).

Cut to Kokoro adorably pestering Kotonoha about Makoto staying the night next time.

Cut to Makoto having sex with a slut.

Shit like this is why people start drinking.