Twisted Love February: School Days

We open to Makoto making out with a slut out behind her place of employment. He arranges a booty call later at his place, and she seems a bit reluctant, but ultimately accepts. Meanwhile, Kotonoha’s trying to call him, but he’s far too busy with Sekai to answer his cellphone.

The next day, Kokoro adorably pesters Kotonoha some more as she packs her lunch for school. Meanwhile, Sekai’s at Makoto’s place. Makoto obviously thinks he’s a pimp, and Sekai is still reluctant (Even though she’s slept with him at least twice by now). Sekai takes the bus to school to avoid suspicion from Kotonoha, while Makoto takes the train. Kotonoha’s delighted to see him, but he doesn’t look too thrilled.

At school, Makoto and Sekai are forced to keep up appearances, and Makoto slips up almost immediately with “It’s been a while since I’ve made breakfast for two.” Sekai swiftly silences him, but Setsuna picks up on it, and takes it to mean that Makoto’s broken up with Kotonoha, and of course Sekai doesn’t set the record straight, since she’s enjoying all the Makoto she’s been getting.

During class, Kotonoha looks into knitting on her cellphone. Meanwhile, Sekai wants to tell Kotonoha about the affair she’s been having with Makoto, and Makoto can’t comprehend why (Because he’s fucking stupid). Sekai’s feeling the guilt weigh heavily on her and wants to tell Kotonoha ASAP.

At lunch, Kotonoha has Makoto and Sekai sample her first-time-made hot lemonade (100% serious, that sounds like the most delicious beverage that could ever exist). Sekai is visibly quite down and Makoto as well (Though he’s probably down because Sekai wants to tell Kotonoha about their affair). Kotonoha takes his look to mean he doesn’t like the drink, and vows to work to suit it to his tastes. Makoto and Sekai, however, manage to convince her that her lemonade isn’t the problem.

Later in class, Sekai’s still got guilt written all over her face. Makoto gets a text from Kotonoha inviting him to go shopping after school. He makes up an excuse. After school, Makoto wants to go over to Sekai’s. Sekai’s still stricken by guilt. Makoto’s incredibly nonchalant about it. She, however, eventually accepts, because apparently Makoto’s dick is more important to her than not living a lie is.

The two get off the train and kiss. Kotonoha, who’s riding a train home, catches a glimpse of said kiss.

Lunchtime again, and Makoto and Sekai drag the mood down. School ends, and Kotonoha texts Makoto to ask him to walk home together. He’s about to decline when Sekai tells him to go with her and leaves. Makoto and Kotonoha share a tense walk home, with Makoto looking straight ahead and Kotonoha’s head down, looking up at Makoto every now and again. The walk is broken by a mascot handing out fliers for a couples deal on cellphones. Makoto’s reluctant, but Kotonoha insists. Even so, he hastily declines and continues walking. Kotonoha follows, but trips and drops her newly-bought yarn and knitting needles all over the ground.

No, Setsuna. You’re not the cute, deadpan loli. Stop pretending you are.

The next day includes an attempt to inject humor into this episode, until we see Sekai, still burdened by guilt, and Makoto, staring off into space. Cut to Kotonoha trying to organize her class for school festival planning and getting shot down by the gaggle of bitches from three episodes ago. Otome Katou, the only girl in the gaggle of bitches who matters, mentions that Kotonoha had been clinging to Makoto, and that she should stop “bothering” him. The other girls speculate out loud that Makoto might be the one Otome is after, and then Kotonoha grows the biggest pair of balls in this series so far.

She tells that bitch that she is Makoto’s girlfriend and that Otome needs to back the fuck off.

One a scale from 1 to Pretzel, how salty is this bitch right here?

Anyway, Kotonoha has student council work and won’t be at the rooftop for lunch as usual, so Makoto gives the “Let’s have sex on the roof at lunch” eye to Sekai, who can’t say no, because, despite being visually stricken with intense guilt over having stolen a friend’s boyfriend, she’s still 100% willing to open her whore legs for Makoto.

Kotonoha, however, manages to get out of student council duty and rushes up to the roof. She stops just short of the door, hearing Sekai call out, “I love you.”

Those knitting needles look like they’d make good stabbing implements.