Twisted Love February: School Days

Makoto doesn’t give a fuck about Kotonoha anymore and would rather be with Sekai because she’s easy. Kotonoha doesn’t come up to the roof for lunch anymore. While at home knitting, Kotonoha wonders if Makoto’s gotten sick of her. He resolves to try harder (That is, try harder to deal with Makoto and his inability to reign in his horniness).

No, Setsuna. You’re not fucking cute.

At school, everyone’s amazed at Setsuna having somehow procured the mascot suit from an episode ago, when the Sekai Department of Espionage walks in to tell everyone what the other classes are planning for the festival. Taisuke then barges in with news that some jackass broke his arm and, as a result, Setsuna’s left alone to fulfill duties. Makoto asks the completely valid question of why Taisuke can’t do it, but is show down by the Sekai Ministry of Covert Information Gathering, who apparently has plans for Taisuke. Setsuna then brings up Kotonoha for no reason and announces to everyone that she and Makoto have broken up and that Makoto is now going out with Sekai.

Cut to Kotonoha being accosted by the same gaggle of bitches again, this time trying to make her work miracles and obtain more supplies than their class is allotted. Later, Setsuna and Makoto attend the school festival committee meeting. Kotonoha catches sight of Makoto, and is happy to see him, but Setsuna shoots her down with a dirty look.

After the meeting ends, Kotonoha catches up with Makoto and Setsuna. Setsuna will have none of it, however, and drags Makoto away. Kotonoha wants to spend time with him, but Setsuna, who apparently has been put in charge of running Makoto’s life, reminds him that he’s meeting Sekai at some burger place later, even though he never made such plans. Soon after, he receives a text from Kotonoha. Setsuna, wondering why he hasn’t blocked her, snatches his phone from him and blocks her for him.

You need to knock that bitch on her ass, Makoto.

In my world, she would have gotten choked out right there. Someone obviously neglected to teach this cunt that you don’t just snatch other people’s stuff, especially something expensive like a cell phone. But Makoto’s spineless, easy-mode ass decides not to punch her in the back of the head like she deserves, and she successfully blocks Kotonoha.

The next day, Kotonoha finds that she’s unable to text Makoto. She tries calling, but that doesn’t work either. In class, Makoto stares blankly at his blocked number list, with about as much motivation to unblock Kotonoha as he had to go upside Setsuna’s dome when she blocked her in the first place. Later, in PE class, Sekai can’t stop staring at Kotonoha, who’s sitting on the sidelines, staring blankly into space. Lunchtime sees Kotonoha sitting all alone up on the roof, staring at the ground. She tries texting Makoto again, but gets the same result.

Later, we see the same gaggle of bitches flapping their mouths at Kotonoha again, trying to make her procure more supplies. In the hallyway, she runs into Makoto and Setsuna. Setsuna tries to pull him away, but Makoto stays just long enough to gawk at her bra, visible through her wet shirt (She got soaked sitting out on the roof in the rain, waiting for Makoto). Kotonoha continues on to get supplies, and Makoto manages to pull away from Setsuna and follows (Obviously drawn to her by seeing her tits again). He stops, however, when he rounds the corner and sees her talking to Taisuke.

He tries to listen in on them Metal Gear Stupid-style, but is soon called-out by the Sekai Consortium of Intelligence and Espionage and some other girl. The three of them then watch as Taisuke looks up Kotonoha’s skirt while she stands on a stepstool, trying to reach for something. He then asks Kotonoha to dance with him at the school festival folk dance, since she broke up with Makoto, news that Kotonoha has obviously yet to hear. She sets the record straight to Taisuke, then rushes out of the supply room, and is met by Makoto. She’s happy to see him, but then some bitch calls her out for “hitting on” Taisuke (Is this bitch deaf? SHE WAS RIGHT OUTSIDE. SHE HEARD TAISUKE HITTING ON KOTONOHA!). Kotonoha runs away crying.

After school, Sekai stays at Makoto’s. She heard from Setsuna that he had run after Kotonoha. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Lo and behold, it’s Kotonoha, who had looked up Makoto’s address and wants to talk, since “something’s wrong with her cellphone.” Makoto, who had unblocked her earlier, tells her that the “problem” was with his phone, but it’s fixed now. Then he fakes a headache to try and make her leave quicker, but not before she notices the second pair of shoes in the entryway. Before leaving, she asks Makoto to dance with her at the school festival, and he says he’ll think about it.

Immediately after, Sekai decides she’s leaving too. Right outside Makoto’s apartment building, she runs into Kotonoha.

Kotonoha slowly walks up and slaps the shit out of her.