Twisted Love February: School Days

After the bitchslap, Sekai talks to Setsuna, and explains that Makoto and Kotonoha never actually broke up. That Kotonoha is still Makoto’s girlfriend. Setsuna wants to confirm it for herself. Later, in school, Taisuke’s being a jackass again, and Sekai is conspicuously absent. We see her lying in bed, and we cut to a flashback of the previous night, right after she got smacked. Kotonoha feels betrayed, and all Sekai can say is “I’m sorry.” Kotonoha then tells Sekai to stay away from Makoto.

Back at school, Makoto and Setsuna attend the school festival committee meeting. Kotonoha is there, noticeably quite down. After the meeting, Kotonoha asks Makoto to go home together with her. Makoto’s all for it, but Setsuna’s adamant with sticking her nose into shit that’s none of her business, and gives every excuse to try and hold Makoto back from going home with Sekai.

As Setsuna and Makoto prepare for the festival, Makoto wants to know why Setsuna is sticking her nose into shit that’s not her business. Evidently, her being Sekai’s friend gives her the right to run Makoto’s life, and she tries to make him choose. Even though he should choose, Setsuna’s got no right to try and make him. He’s indecisive, but seems to slightly favor Sekai. Setsuna says she’ll finish the festival prep by herself and tells Makoto to go to Sekai’s house.

Later, at Sekai’s house (Why does Makoto listen to that bitch? What’s she gonna do to him? He’s got a good 12 or so inches on her.), Makoto shows up, and he and Sekai share some tea. Makoto brings up her confrontation with Kotonoha, and she explains that Kotonoha knows about their affair. She asks what she should do. Makoto tries his hardest not to acknowledge that what they’ve been doing is wrong, but Sekai is once again stricken with guilt. He kisses her and knocks the tea over, but Sekai pushes him off to clean up the tea.

The next day, Sekai shows up in school, claiming she had a “minor cold” the previous day. School festival preparations continue until school ends. Makoto gets on the train, and Kotonoha rushes in right before the doors close. She’s quite affectionate during the train ride. As Makoto ogles her cleavage, she asks if he wants to touch them. At her place. While Kokoro isn’t there. She then asks him to dance with her at the festival dance, and he can’t say no to those tits. Later, at Sekai’s place, Setsuna leaves upon getting news that Makoto is coming over. Back at Setsuna’s place, all her stuff is packed up in boxes.

The next day is the school festival. Makoto’s class does a traditional café. Kotonoha’s the only one in her class who’s doing any fucking work, and is left to man the table at her class’s haunted house. The gaggle of bitches comes over and tells her that she’ll have to remain at her post, since the gaggle-bitch who was supposed to be running the haunted house is nowhere to be found. Two other students show up, and request to use “The Lounge.”

Later, the members of Makoto’s class complain that they aren’t getting many customers, compared to Class-1’s Little Sister Café, and Class-2’s Zombie Café (What a stupid idea). Then shit just gets inappropriately silly.

Festival over, everyone leaves, leaving Makoto and Setsuna to get the room back together. As they’re carrying the materials for the room back, Setsuna reveals that she’s moving to France. The reason she was so hardcore about making sure Makoto was going out with Sekai is because she doesn’t want to leave Sekai all alone. As it turns out, Makoto has helped Setsuna deal with some bullies some time ago, and gave her the drive to become class rep. (It’d be heartwarming if she wasn’t such a cunt.)

During the cleanup, Makoto falls asleep, and Setsuna’s the only other person in the room. She decides to steal a kiss.

Guess who’s watching?