Twisted Love February: School Days

Kotonoha calls Setsuna out on kissing Makoto and, for once, Setsuna shuts her bitch-ass mouth. Setsuna tries to explain that she was moving and “wanted a memory just for herself,” but Kotonoha can smell her bullshit.

The next day, the festival is back on. Setsuna watches some play that apparently alludes to the events going on (A sorry attempt at emulating the “Shadow Girls” from Utena, it seems like to me). Sekai, Makoto, and the rest of the students in the class take care of the café, in the meantime. Sekai and Makoto get all lovey-dovey making a cake, while the Sekai Chief of Military Espionage and Intelligence watches on, jealous that Taisuke’s too busy drooling over Kotonoha’s tits to notice that she likes him.

Anyway, Kotonoha’s the only one doing any work in her class again, and is once again accosted by the gaggle of bitches. After the bitches leave, Taisuke happens by. He starts chatting her up, but moves out of the way as a couple go into the room. As the couple pass by, Taisuke moves in close and asks if Kotonoha wants to walk around the festival with him (Apparently, he doesn’t fucking listen).

Kotonoha explains once again that she’s going out with Makoto. Taisuke comments that it looks like Makoto is dating Sekai, but when he can’t prove that Makoto said he was dating Sekai, he backs off (Fucking slug). Meanwhile, Makoto is in the café’s kitchen, grabbing Sekai’s ass. She tells him to stop, but he keeps going, until she knees him dead in the nuts. He leaves the classroom.

Elsewhere, the gaggle of bitches is complaining about Kotonoha (What the fuck do they have to complain about!?). One girl gets a text from her boyfriend and runs off, prompting the other girls to remind Otome that she still has to ask Makoto out.

So, while Makoto has a cylindrical piece of meat in his mouth (When did this become Cross Days?), Otome approaches him, asking if he’d like to walk around the festival with her. He accepts and they montage their way around the festival. Post-montage, she asks him to dance with her at the festival dance. Just then, Sekai runs up and snatches him back to the classroom. As they proceed down the hall, the Sekai Secret Spy Service runs up with news: “Makoto’s girlfriend” in the classroom.

They arrive at the classroom, and Kokoro runs up and hugs Makoto. She and her friend, who she brought along chat for a bit with Makoto, Sekai, and SI:5, but then leave. She does, however, mention how Kotonoha is Makoto’s boyfriend. Afterward, Kotonoha is accosted by 2/4 of the gaggle of bitches, as she returns to the classroom with some papers from the student council. They make fun of her for her boyfriend not having come to visit her, and try to convince her that she’s not dating Makoto.

Meanwhile, Sekai pesters Makoto into agreeing to dance with her at the festival dance. At the same time, Otome laments that she wasn’t able to get him to dance with her. Across the way, she spots Taisuke, who’s sulking about being single, like he normally is (Man the fuck up!), and they two start chatting, the subject eventually turning to the indeterminacy of Makoto and Kotonoha’s relationship. Otome tells Taisuke to continue going after Kotonoha, and Taisuke says likewise to Otome about pursuing Makoto.

Back at the café, Sekai heads up to the front to help with the customers, leaving Makoto free to check his phone, which he’d been neglecting. It turns out he’s got 20 messages, all from Kotonoha. As he runs out of the classroom to see her, Otome runs up and attempts to ask him out again. She grabs onto his arm and starts pulling him into the haunted house. Instead of saying “Bitch, get away from me,” like he should have, he follows behind with the same dumb look on his face.

In the way back of the haunted house lies the “Rest Area.” Students go there and have sex. Apparently, it’s a school tradition. I find it disgusting. I also find it disgusting that Otome isn’t even dating Makoto, knows him from middle school, but otherwise doesn’t actually fucking know him, yet is still 100% ready to have sex with him in school during school hours. Also, evidently, nobody empties all the used tissues out of the bin. That shit’s gross.

As this all happens, Kotonoha is still being bitched at by the Gaggle of Bitches Minus 2. She keeps trying to tell them that she’s going out with Makoto, while Makoto is gearing up to fuck some bitch he might as well have just met in the back room. The bitches finally back off, as we see more infidelity occur. After Makoto and Otome are dressed again, Makoto literally leaves to dance with Sekai at the festival dance (I BET YOU FEEL USED NOW, DON’T YOU, BITCH!?).

As the dance begins, Makoto and Sekai get ready to dance, and Taisuke does some shit I can’t even articulate here without wanting to destroy this computer.

My assessment of this episode ends here.