Despite Criticisms, I Am Greatly Enjoying Upotte!!

So, by now I’ve watched episode 3 of Upotte!! about five times, and it’s made me realize something:

This is the most entertaining anime I’ve watched in a good while.

I mean, between all the harsh criticism of the show, from its “glamourization of assault rifles” to the standard “creepy” and “sexualizing young girls” angle, I’m finding the show very entertaining. This might be because I fit squarely in the show’s apparent target audience, which is “moé fans who are also military otaku,” but other people I know, both online and off, and both those who are also military otaku and those who are not, are finding the show just as entertaining.

To me, this calls into question the purpose of mentioning things like “glamourizing assault rifles” in a review. Obviously, upon hearing the premise of something like Upotte!!, anybody who would be turned-off by the concept of female personifications of assault rifles wouldn’t give the show a second glance. Who, then, would a statement like that in a review be meant for? What does that tell us about the show that we can’t glean from the premise?

Another question: When did we stop using enjoyment of a show as a metric of quality? Further, when did we start arbitrarily using random things as metrics of quality? I see a lot of people downing on ecchi anime, for example, for no real reason other than it being ecchi. They’re certainly entitled to their opinion, but for reviews, in particular, there seems to be a free-for-all of picking random things to nit-pick a show about.

Despite objections to the show, I’m really liking Upotte!!. The art style, the character designs, the characters themselves, and the premise all work together perfectly to create a quirky, cute, educational, and genuinely laugh-out-loud funny show. That’s good anime, to me. It doesn’t have to adhere to my political views, and shouldn’t have to for me to give it a positive review.





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