The Anti-Moé Brigade’s Derisive Attitude Toward Moé Discussion

The Anti-Moé Brigade are experts at spinning an argument in their favor. Granted, the moé fandom doesn’t speak up as much as they should, but to an extent, I can understand the aversion to debating the subject with the Anti-Moé Brigade, particularly because of the way they approach it.

The Anti-Moé Brigade has an issue with the moé dialogue, and it extends past them simply being adverse to any kind of genuine discourse on the subject. In the Anti-Moé Brigade’s approach to the moé debate, I see an unhealthy anti-discussion streak. That is to say, when the Anti-Moé Brigade talks about moé, even when they about how terrible they think it is, they do so in a very derisive fashion.

Don’t get me wrong. The issue of treating legitimately discussable issues with dismissal is by no means a problem exclusive to the Anti-Moé Brigade. It’s rampant throughout the anime community.

Let me make this clear: This behaviour is toxic.

Specifically, the way the Anti-Moé Brigade goes about it, by dismissing and ridiculing any moé discussion that isn’t wholly negative, they de-legitimize all discussion that doesn’t occur on their own terms. It’s a brilliant, but evil tactic that only hurts the anime community in the long run by derailing and stifling legitimate discussion.

To give an example, a few weeks ago, I took part in a discussion (The discussion involving me “begins” on page 9) on the Anime News Network forums that, while having started out a discussion about “otaku pandering” in anime, turned into a debate about moé. The debate lasted for a few pages, and was actually quite civil.

Cue ANN Executive Editor Zac, who comes in and attempts to derail the thread with this unnecessary, dismissive comment:


Are posts like these really necessary, especially when there’s an actual discussion going on? Not really, unless your agenda is to dismiss and derail a moé discussion you feel has been too bipartisan and legitimate and works against your Anti-Moé Rhetoric Machine. The Anti-Moé Brigade operates not just on the level of preventing genuine moé discussion by shutting-out and vilifying moé otaku, they also operate on the level of shutting down any genuine moé discussion that does take place.

Make no mistake. The Anti-Moé Brigade is not out to promote “intellectualism.” They are simply out to vilify moé and dismiss any discussion that could potentially paint moé as anything but the absolute destruction of anime.


Stay frosty.

6 thoughts on “The Anti-Moé Brigade’s Derisive Attitude Toward Moé Discussion”

  1. This all boils down to sweeping undesirables under the carpet. Rather than deal with anything resembling discussion, many are choosing to cut the mic before the “opposition” can speak [Bill O’Reilly tactics] or put up any kind of resistance. I suppose it is fitting that Zac uses an incompetent villain as an avatar though.

  2. I’d have to agree with kgods here. Zac’s avatar obviously suites him.

    Also, I hate it when people tell me, “Dude it’s alright if you like *insertanimetitlehere*, but don’t pretend that it isn’t crap.” That statement doesn’t prove any points. It just goes to show how ignorant they are and that they go by the statement that everything that they hate must suck. They have to understand that there are anime that they like, and anime that they just can’t simply get into.

  3. What’s funny is Zac is apathetic to nearly all anime (unless it’s REDLINE or Kids on the Slope) but because it’s his JOB, he’s obliged to discuss it anyway. Thus, he think he has the authority to discuss the medium when he
    hasn’t even watched as much he should have.

  4. Figures…looks like we’ll never have an honest discussion about moe which is sad. But most of the ANN staff are elitists wanting only the creme de la creme of anime to suit their overly lofty ego. It makes me wonder how John from “Ask John” keeps a strong passionate interest in anime despite being at that age where you start getting cynical and bitchy about everything. We need more people like John running ANN it would be more beneficial than these pretentious snobs. If you’ve lost your zeal for anime than hand it over to the fans that still love it and indulge in something that does suit your tastes. Things would be a lot eaiser that way.

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