“The Answer is Always More Art”

I recently read an article on Penny Arcade that got me thinking about the moé debate. The article itself, while completely unrelated to what I’m about to talk about, is a very good read, though, if you’re not hip to the Hitman: Absolution trailer controversy (A gaming issue), some details might fly past you. One quote from the article, however, stood out to me as particularly applicable to the moé debate:

The answer is always more art; the corollary to that is the answer is never less art.  If you start to think that less art is the answer, start over. That’s not the side you want to be on.

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Joint Operation: The Four Laws of Moe

The following is a crosspost from http://sexysoviet.wordpress.com/ posted here, with permission of course.

Originally posted in July of 2010, this article takes a look at what makes a character moé by examining “The Four Laws of Moé”

This is normally where I’d say “The contents of this post do not reflect my own personal views,” but, for the most part, they do. Enjoy.

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Viewingcast 2012: We’re Sorry About Chernobyl

NTR Radio episode 6 is here!

This time around, we talk about “the art of watching anime,” as well as responding to some listener e-mails and ranting about Highschool of the Dead.


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