ScanlationCast 2012: Ziggy and the Off-White Knights

NTR Radio returns triumphant with episode 7!

This time around, we have a guest on-board! Ziggy, of Soba Scans, joins us to discuss her scanlation group, in addition to a very insightful discussion about anime. All that, coupled with a story from Connecticon 2012, and Anubis’s retaliation against the Anti-Moe Brigade.


NTR Radio is a three-way venture between Kgods of, VZMK2 of, and myself, Timeenforceranubis of Special thanks to VZ for the logo. Special thanks to Ziggy for coming on the podcast.
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A Glossary of Common Anti-Moé Brigade Terms

Anti-Moé Brigade arguments are often filled with words that are used differently from their normal meanings as a rhetorical tactic. It can be confusing.

Throughout my various experiences discussing moé with the Anti-Moé Brigade, as well as listening to their rhetoric, I’ve put together a glossary of common terms used by the Anti-Moé Brigade, and how they’re used in the moé debate.

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“Pedophilia” and the Anti-Moé Brigade

When the Anti-Moé Brigade is looking for points against moé, often, they’ll cite the tendency toward younger characters as a mark against moé. Moé’s tendency toward young and young-looking characters, as well as the sexuality involved, is bad. It’s creepy.

It’s downright pedophilic.

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