HilariCast 2012: Moé Fundamentalist Terrorism

NTR Radio episode 8 is here!

This time around, we discuss humor in anime, inbetween discussing kgods’ adventures at Natsucon, an unrelated storytime with kgods, ending Anime Podcast War 2012 before it even begins, and the introduction of a brand-new segment: NTR Radio’s Laws for the Greater Anime Community.


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Why the Anti-Moé Brigade Suppresses the Moé Discussion.

I’ve mentioned previously how the Anti-Moé Brigade has worked to suppress moé discussion: They’re dismissive, derisive, they spread negative connotations without thinking, and they ostracize moé otaku from the greater anime community.

Why, though? Why actively suppress legitimate discourse about any aspect of anime discussion?

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She’s a Fallen Angel! – Highschool DxD


Time Enforcer Anubis here with a fresh review!

One of the great things about ecchi anime is that it can be applied to almost any anime. It’s not the easiest thing to do well, but when it’s done well, it can really spice up an anime.

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Check Your List at the Door

A big strike against moé that the Anti-Moé Brigade pulls out is the “checklist mentality” of moé fans. They posit that moé fans operate on a mental checklist, and evaluate the quality of shows based on whether or not a show satisfies a shopping list of tropes they find enjoyable. That, actual show quality notwithstanding, moé fans will watch anything that includes enough of their favorite tropes.

The problem is, either checklist mentality is not at all congruent with how moé fans think, or it’s something that can be applied to more than just moé.

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