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One of the great things about ecchi anime is that it can be applied to almost any anime. It’s not the easiest thing to do well, but when it’s done well, it can really spice up an anime.

Issei Hyoudou and his friends really like boobs. They’re also some of the few boys currently enrolled in a newly-integrated former all-girls school. Issei’s luck changes when he’s killed by a fallen angel masquerading as a girl asking him on a date. Enter Rias Gremory, who saves his life by turning him into one of her demon servants.

Highschool DxD is an ecchi supernatural anime that really knows when to turn up the ecchi. The show always keeps plenty of nudity and bouncing breasts to go around, while serving up an intriguing world, storyline, and cast of characters at the same time. The show manages to mix a well-built world that establishes rules that the show follows at all times, with plenty of tasteful nudity. It really brings forward the best of both worlds, for people who can handle the ecchi.

Highschool DxD’s world is surprisingly well-built for a 12-episode series. It has just the right amount of backstory to flesh out its world of demons, fallen angels, and magical powers, and the action stays very true to the established storyline, and ever manages to get creative while still staying within the rules of the show’s world. The characters are also quite fleshed-out, with each having at least enough background to feel like it matters.

The show’s women are very alluringly designed, both physically and personality-wise. For example, Rias Gremory, with her curvy figure and exotically non-japanese hair and skin, has quite a dominant streak to her, and is never afraid to show it, even when completely nude. That said, however, while the ecchi is a large part of Higshcool DxD, and most of it is tasteful, certain parts where the ecchi becomes conflated with serious, bloody, life-and-death combat may be distasteful to some.

With a hefty helping of ecchi, very sexy characters, and a compelling world and action, if you’re looking for something not-too-light, not-too-heavy, with a heavy dose of sexuality and nudity, give Highschool DxD a try.


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  1. Highschool DxD was just fun I thought the characters were cool and loved the T&A. Issei is a fucking pimp! I’ll never forget his secret special attack!

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