The Anubis Perspective: Moe Moe, Part 6: Moe and Good Anime

This is an old post I originally wrote for the now-defunct Moé Coalition site. The site has since been taken down by the owner, but I’ve managed to salvage some of my posts. This is one of them.


Time Enforcer Anubis here, continuing the moe talk!

Not long ago (Author’s note: Quite long ago, at this point), ANNCast did a round-table discussion about moe, and a certain idea was brought up during the discussion. The idea was that moe is “dangerous” to anime in that it “enables bad storytelling.” It’s one of the big points of contention in the Great Moe Debate, with the Anti-Moe brigade clamoring for “deeper” anime, and pushing anything moe to the side, often judging it as bad anime, or worse anime than anime with no moe elements.

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Operation Dandere Phase 1

Operation Dandere is go!

A few weeks ago I spoke with now newly-established anime blogger VillainousHanacha about his feelings on moé, its affect on the fandom, the moé debate as its progressed, and other related topics. It was a very enlightening discussion, and his perspective is pretty interesting.

You can listen to it after the jump.

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Timeenforceranubis’s Anibloggers’ Choice Anime Awards 2012

So, Kiddtic over at Kidd’s Anime Blog had a great idea: Get a whole lot of anime bloggers, journalists, and podcasters to each submit a top 12 anime for the year, then tally up the votes for an overall best 12 anime of the year.

He calls it the “Ani-Blogger’s Choice Anime Awards” or “ACAA,” and I’m participating this year!


So, with no further ado, my top 12 anime of 2012…

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Worlds Without People: Persistant Online Worlds in Console Mech Games

When I push Start on the title screen of Armored Core V, I am greeted by my mecha’s female computer voice saying “Good morning (Regardless of what time it is). Main system: Checking pilot data.” as the game connects to the server. The computer voice speaks again, “Main system. Normal Mode activated. Now resuming mission. Welcome back.” and on the screen appears a world map, where I can see what territories have changed hands since last I played. From here, I can launch a single-player mission, join a teammate on an invasion into enemy territory, or make some money by hiring myself out as a mercenary.

I never selected a thing. All I did was press start, and now here I am, thrust into an ever-changing online world.

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Discussion and Frustration

I get frustrated from time to time looking at some of the things other anime fans complain and argue about. I feel like, if one tenth of this kind of energy was put into having a worthwhile discussion about issues that can affect our understanding of this medium and how we engage with other fans who enjoy it, we’d be closer to being a more cohesive community.

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