Operation Dandere Phase 1

Operation Dandere is go!

A few weeks ago I spoke with now newly-established anime blogger VillainousHanacha about his feelings on moé, its affect on the fandom, the moé debate as its progressed, and other related topics. It was a very enlightening discussion, and his perspective is pretty interesting.

You can listen to it after the jump.



This is just the part of the recording that deals with the questions laid-out in the Operation Dandere post. VillainousHanacha and I continued to talk for quite a while longer, and I might post the rest of the conversation at a later date.

There were some intermittent connection issues, as well as some audio issues that I was unable to mitigate in post-production. I apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

One thought on “Operation Dandere Phase 1”

  1. Note to any potential listeners, It might not be the best idea to listen to this on headphones due to my ghetto ass laptop mic (though at least now I know that I must use the ethernet if I want to voice chat for any extended period of time).

    Though once again, thank you dear Egyptian Death God for letting me be a part of this (and for giving me free advertising!)

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