Worlds Without People: Persistant Online Worlds in Console Mech Games


Persistent-world multiplayer still has a ways to go, especially in niche genres like mecha games. There can be a tendency for these games to alienate fans of traditional multiplayer in their execution, and that’s something that needs to be worked out before persistent-world multiplayer can become a big thing. Persistent-world multiplayer needs to be value added to the game, rather than a reason to remove things and limit the game’s potential.

This is a genre of multiplayer game that will only succeed by being adventurous and seeing what works and what doesn’t. It requires developers willing to take risks. From Software is one of those developers, and I hope they continue to flesh out persistent-world multiplayer in their mecha games. ChromeHounds was fantastic, and it was very sad to see it go. Armored Core V stands to succeed in some places where ChromeHounds failed, but only time can tell if it will bring enough to the table to sustain itself.

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