She Weilds the Tyrant’s Eye! – Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai


Time Enforcer Anubis here with a fresh review!

There comes a time in all our lives where we reflect. We look back at our youth: The dumb things we used to do, the rituals we had with our friends, the stories we came up with. Some of us try and move on. Others embrace it. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle.

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To some, moé is an annoyance. It’s the thing preventing them from seeing the anime they want to see. It’s what Japanese fans want and that’s a problem to them because it forces anime production companies to make more moé.

To others, moé is a bogeyman. They fear that any anime could become moé at a moment’s notice, and any mention of moé anywhere close to the anime they like causes them to lash out, fighting desperately to protect their anime, like a cornered animal.

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Why We Need the Moé Discussion to Happen

We’re quickly catching up to the Japanese industry. Nowadays, it’s possible to watch new anime within a day or so of its airing in Japan, which wasn’t possible just a few years ago. It’s nice to be able to ride the nuance and freshness of being this close to the source time-wise, but the speed at which we’re catching up to the Japanese industry has caused problems as well.

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