NTR Radio Omake 1: Virtual-On Talk with Timeenforceranubis

We’re gonna try something new. Whereas most podcasts are weekly affairs, NTR Radio is bi-weekly, meaning we produce content every other week. While we don’t want to change our scheduling habits, as we feel that bi-weekly allows us to provide you, the listener, with the best quality content we can, I feel like that kind […]

HostiliCast 2013: The Mad Episode

NTR Radio episode 12 is here! This time around, Anubis gets really mad talking about hostility in the anime community, inbetween tangents about fighting games and childhood imagination games. Listen and download here.

Fujoshi Are Not the Enemy

The recent “Sexy Swimming” commercial released by Kyoto Animation offshoot Animation Do has sparked some controversy within the fandom. Some moé fans feel betrayed by the simple idea that KyoAni might do an anime that isn’t moé. Further than that, they feel disgusted that not only might they do something not moé, they might do […]