NTR Radio Omake 1: Virtual-On Talk with Timeenforceranubis

Podcast LogoSmallWe’re gonna try something new.

Whereas most podcasts are weekly affairs, NTR Radio is bi-weekly, meaning we produce content every other week. While we don’t want to change our scheduling habits, as we feel that bi-weekly allows us to provide you, the listener, with the best quality content we can, I feel like that kind of schedule leaves people aching for more NTR Radio on the off weeks.

In an effort to alleviate the excruciating pain of having to wait two weeks between episodes, I present to you: NTR Radio Omake. These will be short content segments 10-15 minutes long, a half-hour at most, usually solo, in which one of us talks about a short topic not robust enough for a proper episode.

In this first installment, Anubis talks for a bit about the illustrious Cyber Troopers Virtual-On.

Listen and download here.

Operation Shion Fujino Phase One: Introduction

Images included in this article may be explicit in nature.

Sexuality is perhaps one of the most hotly-contested aspects of moé. Some say it’s normal. Some say it’s creepy. Some are quick to deny that it’s even a part of moé.

Regardless of where we stand individually on the issue, the fact is, if we’re going to have the moé conversation, all of us will have to deal with opinions we disagree with, have conversations we might be uncomfortable with, and question our own beliefs, as well as the beliefs of others.

Where does sex fit into moé? Does sex fit into moé? What about fetishization? Is sex a part of moé love, or are they separate? Operation Shion Fujino seeks not to definitively answer these questions, but to start the discussion that will answer them.

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HostiliCast 2013: The Mad Episode

NTR Radio episode 12 is here!

This time around, Anubis gets really mad talking about hostility in the anime community, inbetween tangents about fighting games and childhood imagination games.

Listen and download here.

Fujoshi Are Not the Enemy

The recent “Sexy Swimming” commercial released by Kyoto Animation offshoot Animation Do has sparked some controversy within the fandom. Some moé fans feel betrayed by the simple idea that KyoAni might do an anime that isn’t moé. Further than that, they feel disgusted that not only might they do something not moé, they might do something that caters specifically to fujoshi, as seen with the commercial.

This has caused somewhat of a rift between moé fans and fujoshi, but this isn’t the way it has to be.

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ReturnCast 2013: Game Boy Advanced Capitalism

NTR Radio episode 11 is here!

This time around, we talk about where the hell we’ve been the past couple months! In addition, we talk about the previous, current, and next anime seasons with regards to what we’re watching and not watching.

Listen and download here.