9 thoughts on “HostiliCast 2013: The Mad Episode”

  1. at around the 40 minute mark, you mentioned a youtube video discussing what should be shown on Toonami (and straying away from things that are “dangerously Japanese). Was the user gigguk, or “The Anime Zone?”

    More specifically, was the video this one?

  2. About Media Blasters. You’re wrong, they’ve been releasing new hentai stuff about once a quarter. But the company they seem to be licensing from is Digital Works, and that’s about it. With their latest comment being that they’re going to focus on their Kitty license, hopefully they’ll go for a bit more higher profile titles.

    1. When I say they’re not releasing new stuff, I meant what’s been coming out in Japan. There’s nothing being released that’s from Pink Pineapple because the JP companies don’t want reverse importation, which has been happening due to the uncensoring of our releases here. So we’ve been getting nothing but rereleases/license rescues of hentai for the past five or more years.


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