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Hatsukoi Limited 1Howdy!

Time Enforcer Anubis here with a fresh review!

This is an anime about school students falling in love. While I realize that you can probably think of roughly thirty-seven different anime that can be described in the same way, this one has a unique charm to it.

Hatsukoi Limited 7Hatsukoi Limited is a 2009 romance anime produced by J.C.Staff. It tells the story of several middle and high school students as they seek and find love, often in unlikely places. The show has a very slice-of-life structure to it that straddles the line between serial and episodic, in which an episode may relate tangentially to the next episode, but does not necessarily flow into the next episode. This way, every episode is satisfying on its own, but still has some value in the overarching storyline as conflicts, issues, and circumstances from previous episodes fall out of focus, but don’t simply disappear.

Hatsukoi Limited 6Hatsukoi Limited’s art style has a very soft, grounded quality to it that greatly contributes to the overall feel of the show. Everything is subtle and realistic, giving the characters a much more natural appeal, compared to series with exaggerated proportions, huge eyes, or wild hair colors. It really owns its subdued style and manages to make its characters appealing and unique without resorting to ridiculousness.

Hatsukoi Limited 3The tone of Hatsukoi Limited is very lighthearted, easygoing, and down-to-earth, and everything about the show plays into that, from the episode structure and the art style to the way elements like fanservice are presented. Pantyshots are a treat, a peek, rarely focused in on. The show’s fanservice actually gives a lot of attention to less blatantly sexual parts: Hatsukoi Limited 5Legs, midriff, ankles, and the back of the knee to name a few. Like the rest of the show, the fanservice is very subtle and grounded, but nonetheless very tastefully-done and appealing.Hatsukoi Limited 0

If you’re looking for heart-wrenching drama or gut-busting comedy, Hatsukoi Limited isn’t the place to look. The show is very good at what it does, but what it does is mostly on the lighter side and doesn’t make a goal of eliciting heavier emotions of any kind. It’s a feel-good show, and makes no efforts to be anything else.

Hatsukoi Limited 8Hatsukoi Limited is a perfect anime to relax with. It’s cute, light, fluffy, down-to-earth, and very tasteful in its presentation. If you’re into pure love anime, Hatsukoi Limited should definitely be on your list.
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2 thoughts on “She’s Found Her First Love! – Hatsukoi Limited”

  1. I enjoyed this show greatly and glad you checked it out. I agree about the humor, it’s there but not over the top which works for this type of show.

  2. 37, such a specific number 0_0

    Well anyway, I have never seen the Anime of this specifically, but I have read it’s Manga (which is very short at barely more than 30 chapters long).

    I ended up learning about Hatsukoi Limited because of Ichigo 100%, an old favorite of mine and one of the first Harem RomComs I ever got into (I never saw Tenchi Muyo growing up). It’s still my favorite Shounen Jump Harem series. I still do remember that manga fondly for it’s goodness in simplicity, and it has in some ways shaped my preferences in Bishoujo (Though it hasn’t shaped my preferences as much as Negima did).

    Anyway, Ichigo 100% and Hatsukoi Limited are by the same Mangaka: (who is female btw) Mizuki Kawashita. I followed Ichigo 100% back when it was still in serialization (back when OneManga was a thing) and when it was done I wanted to keep following her work, so I picked up Hatsukoi Limited.

    The last time I read it I was actually waiting for new chapters of it to come out (back in 2007) so my memory on the story an whatnot is hazy. I do, however, remember liking it.

    Part of that is just that it just looks damn good. Even after expanding my Bishoujo horizons heavily since then, I still say that Mizuki Kawashita draws a very damn good looking girl. Her girls tend to have nice thighs and hips in particular, as well as faces with a sort of effortless beauty about them (with just a bit of cuteness for balance). One of the things she is best at in my opinion is hair, and just how beautiful she can make it look. From the screenshots you provide and ones I can look up, J.C. Staff imitated the art style pretty well, and I am happy about that.

    But concerning Hatsukoi specifically, I do remember that the panchira is downplayed and somewhat minimal, which is kinda funny if you compare it to Ichigo 100% where the pantsu is fairly plentiful (hell the story gets kick started due to a panty shot). In general though, the whole of Hatsukoi is subdued and calm, especially compared to the work which came just before it. It’s very much a story that tries to convey an atmosphere, instead of a drama-heavy plot or lots of sexy slapstick. I did really enjoy however the many different ways love and budding relationships were portrayed in this very organic sort of manner. The characters and their relationships were left to grow over time and interact as they will, seemingly with no real need to rush. (which is funny considering the series short length in both mediums).

    I did also enjoy how the show handled the large cast and the SoL format. The whole cast is all connected in some way, but they don’t all know each other. They never all meet each other at once and you see them interact in their immediate groups so that it is more easily digestible. And in the show format is only semi-episodic, making it able to be enjoyed both on an individual basis and for an eventual pay off.

    Honestly now that I’m really thinking about it, I think I would enjoy this series more now, having developed my preferences and tastes in Anime more, than back when I first read this when I started High School.

    Thanks for reminding me of this, Anubis!

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