Fujoshi Are Not the Enemy; Hostility Is

Kyoto Animation recently announced Free!, which is the actual real anime of the commercial released a month ago. Like the commercial before it, the announcement caused quite an uproar in the anime community. Fans of all kinds are making varying levels of buzz about the news, but one group is conspicuously loud about it, and no, it isn’t the moé fandom this time.

Back when the commercial aired, there were a small number of moé fans expressing disdain for the prospect of KyoAni making an anime of the commercial. They had felt “betrayed” that KyoAni might make an anime to appeal to fujoshi, and lashed out at fujoshi as a result. That segment of the fandom, however, is conspicuously quiet this time around. Not all is calm, however, as the role of primary noisemaker has been taken up by the Anti-Moé Brigade, of all people.

A number of fans have come out in support of Free!, but their support is saturated in venom aimed at the moé fandom. They like Free! because it’s not moé, and because it’s supposedly disappointing otaku. They’re happy about Free! because they’re happy that otaku aren’t getting what they want. They’re happy about Free! because they think moé fans have enough anime that appeals to them. To them, one less anime for moé otaku is a small victory against the moé occupation of the anime fandom.

I’ll be very clear about this: This schadenfreude is absolutely disgusting and those who take part in it should be ashamed of themselves. It bothers me that people in the fandom are so far-gone that their reaction to this amounts to “HA HA HA, TAKE THAT, MOE OTAKU!” Just how far has their fandom sunk, that they’re excited for an anime not for its quality, or its premise, or its staff and cast, but because it’s not what certain fans want? This is childish, hypocritical behaviour, and it propagates animosity and negativity within the anime fandom, two things we could do with much less of.

I want the people who are enjoying this announcement only because it’s not otaku-pandering to re-evaluate why they’re still anime fans, because if that’s the reason they’re liking shows now, they need a new hobby. I want the moé fandom to maintain restraint, embrace fujoshi and fujoshi media, and keep the high ground this time around. I want those who, when the commercial aired, said they’d support KyoAni appealing to fujoshi for once to support the DVD release of Free!. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I want people who profess to fight hostility within the anime community to speak out against this schadenfreude.

Though, I’m not really holding my breath on that last one.

Stay frosty.


8 thoughts on “Fujoshi Are Not the Enemy; Hostility Is”

  1. You can like what you want to like, but some people just don’t seem to realise that. It’s still difficult for me to support this cause when most of the hypocritical and mean spirited responses are coming from the fujoshi themselves this time around.

    I’m not going to target the entire fanbase, but some of them feel the need to insult moe fans and people who like fanservice even though they generally aren’t the ones complaining. Most of the complaints I’ve read are coming from the people who don’t like KyoAni or those people who despise all kinds of fanservice.

    Maybe it was because I literally just finished watching Kanon right before I went on ANN and saw the story, but I felt angry when I saw this announcement. But after reading all these vitriolic responses I no longer feel anything negative towards the show itself.

    If anyone here is a fujoshi who has kept quiet and hasn’t used this as an opportunity to attack the moe fanbase, I thank you. And for that, you deserve to have this show

    1. Personally, I haven’t seen very many fujoshi expressing this kind of anti-moé, anti-otaku sentiment over this announcement. Most of the schadenfreude I’ve seen is coming from the general Anti-Moé Brigade, with very little hostility coming from the moé fandom or the fujoshi camp. In my experience, fujoshi mostly just get excited and enjoy their entertainment, much like most moé fans. Difference is, fujoshi entertainment is accepted by the general Western fandom, while moé is not, which is where we get this double-standard of fujoshi-pandering shows being praised, but otaku-pandering shows being hated.

      All that said, I’m positive there are some fujoshi who are using this as an opportunity to hate on moé fans. Sorry to say, but those people, even though they’re fujoshi, are Anti-Moé Brigade, as promoting hostility against moé fans is a core Anti-Moé Brigade tendency.

      (And just to clear the air before someone comes in here trying to call me out on some “sexism” BS, I said the same about moé fans promoting hostility against fujoshi back after the commercial aired: http://sheslostcontrol.net/moe/fujoshi-are-not-the-enemy/)

  2. I have no problems with Kyoani doing this show. While I’ll probably won’t watch it, I know it won’t spell the end of Kyoani doing moe anime and even if they did there’s lots of other anime I’ll be interested in seeing this summer and onward.

  3. I have not read much into the issue but people throwing such a big fuss about it, they have stirred up enough of a stink to have wafted in my direction. I agree and wish people would not judge and talk down on it because they don’t like the idea of the show, or the fact in this case that a animation studio is stepping out of it’s norm. I honestly hope for this shows success, just so people run out of things to complain about with out look like an even larger arrogant ass than normal.

  4. I have absolutely no problem with Kyoani doing this show, I’m actually looking forward to it.

    Kyoani is Kyoani and it won’t spell the end of them doing moe anime, if anything this is a step in the right direction for Kyoani(whose anime has been lack luster these past few seasons).

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