IsaacHayesCast 2013: All Roads Lead to Black Time

NTR Radio episode 13 is here!

This time around, the show runs almost half an hour over-time as we talk about SHAFT, bad endings, and Anubis gets really mad again.

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Listen and download here.

2 thoughts on “IsaacHayesCast 2013: All Roads Lead to Black Time”

  1. This one was pretty long. It was still solid as usual.

    In regards to SHAFT, I’d say that back when I was new to the internetz, most of their stuff was sort of an acquired taste. But after looking at Hidamari and the Monogatari series, it seems that most of their work kind of grew on me. While I do love Madoka Magica, I’m with you guys on Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko being the better series that came out that year. Strangely enough, I did not care for their take on the Negima anime. (Though admittedly, I liked the last episode of Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, which was different from the whole Shonen-esque tone of the series. Then again, I did like the manga, despite the shonen stuff.)

    Now that were on the subject of my question, my pick would still have to be Strike Witches 2. So overdramatic and making Yoshika lose her powers for the sake of emo-Mio was just lazy and rushed. Even if the movie was awesome, the damage was already done. Aside from that, I’d say that Venus verses Virus was pretty bad, yet exceeded it’s level of badness with it’s ending. It’s basically 15 minutes of pointless filler, the two girls fight, powers combined, bad guy dies, one of the girls says “thank you.” END = profit???

    I also agree that the whole fiasco regarding Gurren Lagan’s BD price is pathetic. But then again, that’s expected given how much these western “fans” support what they like. I loved Vividred Operation when it came out; yet I’m willing to pay bricks for not just the show, but for the extra stuff that comes with it.

    Once again, great episode.

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