KyoAniCast 2013: My Little Kryptonian Baby Can’t Possibly Come to Earth and Save Humanity from Zod

NTR Radio episode 17 is here! This time around, we talk about Kyoto Animation, inbetween discussing the Valvrave situation and responding to an email. Also, Timeenforceranubis and VZMK2 call out Cody Baier and the hosts of Anime 3000’s “The Other Side” podcast for a debate on lolicon. NTR Radio is a three-way venture between Kgods […]

On the issue of “2D relationships.”

It’s safe to say that moé and virtual love go hand-in-hand. Thus, many arguments imposed against moé can be applied to 2D love and vice-versa. The idea of synthetic relationships has cropped up several times within and without the anime community, but I feel like we’re not getting to the core of the issue with […]

BostonCast 2013: It Was Bad… Despite the Fanservice

The fourth NTR Radio Gaiden is here! Gaiden episodes differ in that they have a narrower focus (not always related to anime, but usually). As a result, they’re usually either longer or shorter than normal episodes. This one focuses on Anubis’s operations at Anime Boston 2013.   NTR Radio is a three-way venture between Kgods […]