IyashiCast 2013: Was That Anita Sarkeesian?

NTR Radio episode 18 is here! This time around, we talk about “iyashikei” and slice-of-life anime, inbetween talking about some licenses picked up last weekend, responding to some email, and Anubis abusing the failhorn. NTR Radio is a three-way venture between Kgods of a-theory.com, VZMK2 of vzmk2moeandmechagatti.wordpress.com, and myself, Timeenforceranubis of sheslostcontrol.net. Special thanks to […]

On Anime Criticism Part 2

One big point of contention with anime criticism is the selective nature of some critics. What I mean by this is that some critics will review different shows in vastly different ways, the primary sticking point being whether the show is a type of show that they like or dislike. There are numerous justifications given […]

Guest Spot on TheGeekyPanda YouTube Channel

Hey, folks, just a quick heads-up. Last night, I did a guest spot on my good friend’s YouTube channel, “The Geeky Panda.” As part of his “Guide to an Anime Con” series of videos, we talked about hotel room drama and how to avoid it. Check the video out here -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q24hTdlpSKU Check the “Guide […]

“Created Cynically”

There’s a mindset that’s recently become pervasive within the anime community (Especially within the Anti-Moé Brigade) that irks me particularly, not only because it paints moé fans as mindless consumers, but because it shows an immense disrespect for the creators involved with the anime industry.

On Anime Criticism

Criticism of the medium is a major hot-button issue within the anime fandom. There’s a rift between the anime critic community and the rest of the fandom, such that those who identify as “anime critics” are typically seen as out-of-touch with the general fandom. In addition, the majority of anime fans who identify as critics […]