NewYorkComicCast 2013: F@&% It! We’ll Do It Live!

The sixth NTR Radio Gaiden is here! Gaiden episodes differ in that they have a narrower focus (not always related to anime, but usually). As a result, they’re usually either longer or shorter than normal episodes. This time around, the team is minus a kgods as they recap VZ’s New York Comic Con saga. Also, […]

Welcome to the New SLC Gaming!

Welcome, gamers, to the new She’s Lost Control Gaming! First, I want to apologize for neglecting this section of the site for the better part of a year. During that time, however, I did a good bit of soul-searching, gaming-wise, and realized that the most fun I have gaming and writing about games is when […]

Nerd Hierarchy

Part of the Anti-Moé Brigade’s agenda is to keep moé fans in a position of contempt with regards to the rest of the fandom. Indeed, moé is “sexist,” “creepy,” and “pedophilic,” so fans of moé must be sexist, creepy pedophiles. Nobody wants to associate themselves with sexist, creepy pedophiles. Sexist, creepy pedophiles belong outside the […]