Past Performance is Always an Indicator of Future Results

With Space Dandy on the horizon, and the hype around Kill la Kill going strong, I’m reminded of Kids on the Slope, The Flowers of Evil, and Redline. While those three shows might have little in common visually and thematically, they do share a particular relation that I’d like to touch on.

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NewYorkComicCast 2013: F@&% It! We’ll Do It Live!

The sixth NTR Radio Gaiden is here!

Gaiden episodes differ in that they have a narrower focus (not always related to anime, but usually). As a result, they’re usually either longer or shorter than normal episodes.

This time around, the team is minus a kgods as they recap VZ’s New York Comic Con saga.

Also, this is the first time we’re using a new recording technique. Some things still need to be ironed out, so please bear with us for the sound quality on this one.

NTR Radio is a three-way venture between Kgods of, VZMK2 of, and myself, Timeenforceranubis of Special thanks to VZ for the logo.
Question, comments, ideas for future show topics, and anything you want read out on the show can be sent to NTRradio(at)gmail(dot)com.

Listen and download here.

5 Things I Love About: X3: Terran Conflict

One of the early reviews on SLC Gaming is of X3: Terran Conflict, a space combat and trading simulator for the PC. Back when I reviewed it, I enjoyed the game, but at the time wasn’t really into it. I’d yet to truly explore it and examine it.

A few months ago, I decided to buckle down, start a new game on X3 and stick with it. Though the game is often slow, playing a serious, contiguous X3 game has shown me why I really love X3 and the space sim genre.

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Welcome to the New SLC Gaming!

Welcome, gamers, to the new She’s Lost Control Gaming!

First, I want to apologize for neglecting this section of the site for the better part of a year. During that time, however, I did a good bit of soul-searching, gaming-wise, and realized that the most fun I have gaming and writing about games is when I’m in my element, playing and writing about games in genres I know well and greatly enjoy.

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She’s Joined the C³ Club! – Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu

Stella 7Sometimes an anime throws you for a loop, in a good way. There are those shows that you start watching expecting them to be a certain type of show that you’re excited to see, but that turn out to be something not only completely different, but better than what you were expecting.

This is one of those shows

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Nerd Hierarchy

Part of the Anti-Moé Brigade’s agenda is to keep moé fans in a position of contempt with regards to the rest of the fandom. Indeed, moé is “sexist,” “creepy,” and “pedophilic,” so fans of moé must be sexist, creepy pedophiles. Nobody wants to associate themselves with sexist, creepy pedophiles. Sexist, creepy pedophiles belong outside the fandom. Moreover, they belong below the rest of the fandom. This is the Nerd Hierarchy.

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