Moé and Lolicon

The conflation of moé and lolicon happens a great deal more often than I’d like. Unsurprisingly, it’s almost always coming from someone who’s failed to actually grasp the concept of moé, but knows that they hate it, and lumps it in with lolicon because they hate that, too. Let me make it clear: Moé is […]

1980Cast 2013: Kids Who Don’t Think Space Is Cool Grow Up To Be Serial Killers

NTR Radio episode 23 is here! This time, the trio is joined by Predederva as they jump into the time machine and talk about anime of the 1980s! NTR Radio is a three-way venture between Kgods of, VZMK2 of, and myself, Timeenforceranubis of Special thanks to VZ for the logo. Special thanks […]

Type A, Type B

I’ve been seeing a resurgence of this kind of terminology recently, and that’s disappointing, because I had thought we had moved past this concept. Evidently, however, there are anime fans out there that still subscribe to this kind of thinking, and that bothers me, because the Type A/Type B dichotomy is flawed from the very […]