Moé and Lolicon Revisited: “Why?”

Drawingirl94 recently posted a fantastic article on her blog. She articulated in a way I never could things I’ve been saying for a long time about the subject of lolicon. Reading it has given me a fresh perspective on the issue, and I want to revisit it, because I feel like my point is somewhat lacking.

Let me open by saying that nobody chooses their kink. Nobody wakes up one day and says “I’m gonna get hardcore into eyeball-licking fetishism today!” It’s something that develops over time without having to want it. Plenty of people enjoy BDSM, Leathery daddy and even rape fantasies in ways that don’t involve enslaving and tying up random people or actual rape. We don’t arrest people for fantasizing about rape. It’s wrong to persecute people for crimes they haven’t committed, and it’s even more wrong to persecute people for thoughts they have, or for things they do in private that harm nobody.

Lolicon is one of those things that cause people to shut off their brains and grab their hot tar and chicken feathers. People who would normally argue against stuff like the idea of first-person shooters causing kids to go on school shooting rampages will argue that lolicon breeds pedophiles, or that lolicon and pedophilia are connected in any way.

The Anti-Loli Brigade goes out of its way to vilify and demonize those who enjoy loli material. Astarotte’s Toy is “evil,” and if you like Kodomo no Jikan, you might as well be a child pornographer. There are few quicker ways to become a pariah within the general anime fandom than to admit to liking lolicon.

So, here’s my question to those who are so quick to demonize loli fans and call them “pedophiles”: Why? Why rail against lolicon so hard? Why vilify people who like it and say stuff that could ruin their lives?

Because you don’t like the cartoons they like? Because you think the stuff they enjoy is disgusting? Nobody’s holding a gun to your head and forcing you to watch the stuff.

Why adopt that mindset? Because the stuff they like is icky to you? That’s childish. “He likes something I don’t like, so I’m gonna make his life a living hell!”

It’s wrong. People need to understand it’s wrong.

So, I leave off with the question I asked before: Why?


Stay frosty.