Willful Ignorance and The Anti-Moé Brigade

Let any given moé debate go on long enough and eventually, it’ll end up at a point where someone mentions how “hard to define” moé is, despite the fact that it had still been a debate about moé up to that point and past it. Interestingly enough, this point is almost always brought up by the anti-moé side of the debate, who evidently don’t understand what moé is, but certainly know enough about it to hate it.

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Anime Review – He Is My Master; Sentai Filmworks Release

Master1Ahh, the maid. A staple of otaku culture, representing grace and femininity, purity and devotion, maids are special. They’re not really an archetype, per se. It’s not really a genre, either. Maids are quite the versatile element.

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