Anime Review – He Is My Master; Sentai Filmworks Release

The Release

MasterFrontSentai Filmworks released He Is My Master on DVD in 2009, and they did a pretty good job on it. The packaging art and the blurb on the back provide a pretty clear idea of what you’re gonna get out of the series, though it does somewhat fall victim to “from the makers of” syndrome, specifically by noting that the series was created by Gainax and that Gainax also made Evangelion and FLCL. The problem with that is that it runs the risk of creating an expectation of the show based on the studio that made it. He Is My Master is nothing like Eva or FLCL, and telling us that the same studio that made those works made He Is My Master tells us nothing about what the show’s about.

MasterBackThe release only has a Japanese language track and English subtitles, which is fine for this kind of show, really. For something like He Is My Master, dub really isn’t essential and would really just be a waste of time. I can’t imagine too many people who would enjoy this show would be put-off by the lack of an English track. The subtitles themselves are the standard yellow with black outline. Nothing fancy or particularly good-looking, but they’re easy to read quickly and that’s what counts.

The release includes some special features, comprised of a few Japanese promos for the show and an interview with producer Yuuki Sato. The clean opening and ending animations are also included.

All-in-all, the release is a pretty affordable and well-presented package for the show.

2 thoughts on “Anime Review – He Is My Master; Sentai Filmworks Release”

  1. I know most people attribute this show to Gainax but in reality it was a co-op between Gainax and SHAFT. I say it felt like former studio more so (it just wasn’t directed by Shinbo).

    I found the main character to be quite hilarious due to how demented he was and his various plots to get the maids to wear more and more skimpier outfits.

  2. I haven’t finished watching this show yet, but I really don’t understand the hate it gets. I think it’s one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, personally. I have always found it hilarious when the male lead of an ecchi harem is an over the top asshole and pervert, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed Sora no Otoshimono so much. I just think it sets up more ideas for jokes than the indecisive and shy male lead, though that’s not to say those characters are bad. When done right, they can be pretty interesting.

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