Operation Dandere Phase Four

Operation Dandere is go!

Icon-MOEThis time on OPDAN, I have an interesting conversation with TsukuyomiMagi99, a longtime reader of the blog, about moe, as well as other related topics.

You can listen after the jump.


3 thoughts on “Operation Dandere Phase Four”

  1. That was very fun to listen to. It’s nice to hear your perspective, TsukuyomiMagi99. It was also quite enlightening. I’d say I’ve learned a few things listening to this too.

  2. I’m quite suprised you mentioned Binchou-tan, given that it’s been quite a while since I remember that title.

    All in all, this was pretty good. I like how you went in great detail describing the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype and your experiences with moe.

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