The War Room

As anime fans, a lot of us really enjoy decorating our living space with all sorts of fandom goods from figures and posters to bedsheets and dakimakura. So, I figured I’d showcase my personal setup, which I’ve dubbed “The War Room.”

2014-03-09 20.47.29Mission control: Where it all happens.

The laptop screen is what I tend to use primarily, with the 24″ TV behind it on-tap for watching anime, gaming, or working on projects that benefit from two screens. The 21.5″ TV to the right is for gaming and media. The Xbox 360 (It’s behind the laptop, you can just barely see it.) sees the most use, but there’s also a Playstation 2, a Sega Saturn, and a Sega Dreamcast in the desk’s undercarriage (You can just barely see the PS2 if you look under the desk top). The camera on top of the gaming TV is what I use when recording NTR Radio, and for recording Taskforce MOE Vlogs and content for the Vlog Launchpad. I keep my Fei-Yen HD figure on the ledge right next to the laptop TV, just because it’s one of my favorite figures.

2014-03-09 20.46.21The Gaming Shelf

39 Xbox 360 games, 20 PS2 games (Two of which are in sleeves), 5 Sega Saturn games 3 Xbox games. That’s only what’s on the shelf and not in storage. I try to keep only games I plan on actively playing on the shelf, just so they don’t take up valuable space. Right now, I’m mostly working on a playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy (Currently on Mass Effect 3), with some Armored Core Verdict Day and some Vanquish, as well as some Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 when I need something relaxing.

2014-03-09 20.46.55The Anime Shelf

My anime collection isn’t as big as I’d like it to be, but it’s growing steadily. Obviously, it doesn’t extend all the way to the other side of the bookcase, so it shares shelf space with some of my Dreamcast and PC games, as well as some of the books I’m reading currently. The newest addition was Dominion Tank Police (It’s between Code Geass and Girls und Panzer).

2014-03-09 20.46.00Storage

The shelving above the closet space is where I keep various things that I don’t regularly use, those that I constantly use are kept on my table, I normally get cheap tablecloths bulk sets online to change the covers frequently. My helmets are up top. The blue .50 cal ammo box at the left holds various tools. The shoebox holds spare electronics and audio equipment. The plastic container below it holds some of my smaller airsoft equipment (Binoculars, barrel covers, magazines) The two tan .30 cal ammo boxes hold hentai manga. Various paints for model kits can be seen, as well as some PC game boxes and some gaming books. The red cardstock enclosure contains a Raspberry Pi, which I occasionally use with the 21.5″ TV to watch anime.

2014-03-10 00.40.02Figures!

This is where I’ve kept most of my figures for a long time. It’s only just recently become cluttered enough for me to move some of them to other places. Also, the presence of the TV makes it so I can’t even see most of them from my desk, which doesn’t bother me that much, but it’d be nice if I could look at the whole gang.

2014-03-09 20.49.19More Figures!

This is where I started putting my figures after running out of space on the bookshelf.

2014-03-09 20.48.38The Hot Corner

This area used to have a literal collage of posters covering the corner, but I eventually decided to go with a “less is more” approach, and it looks infinitely better to me this way.

2014-03-10 00.39.13Another Figure!

Those who watch my video content might have caught the Rei figure propping up my KWC Smith & Wesson M&P40 CO2 pistol.

2014-03-09 20.47.51The Bed

I keep at most 2 dakimakuras on my bed. Currently, it’s Askua, and Rio Nanase from Imouto Paradise. The map of Europe is something I got for free from an army surplus store. It fits with the whole “War Room” motif.

2014-03-09 20.48.56Asuka

Just a full look at the Askua bedsheet hanging on the wall. It’s far too beautiful to sleep on.