Video: Guide to Anime Cons – Cosplay

I recently did a video with my good friend The Geeky Panda in which we talked about cosplay at anime conventions and gave some advice and some tips & tricks to cosplayers just starting out.

Check it out!

I’ve been cosplaying for a few years, but I wouldn’t describe myself as hardcore. I’ll go through my tactical gear and throw together a loadout to wear at a con, and I’ll wear my Zero mask with a suit, but I’ve never been into making a cosplay from scratch, though I greatly admire those with that level of skill.

Cosplay is a good way to become part of a group you can then socialize with. It’s social currency. Someone sees a cosplay from something they like and it’s an automatic plus. For those who become good at it, it’s a great way to make a name for yourself doing something you love.

All in all, I highly recommend anyone who’s ever even entertained the thought of cosplaying to try it out. Even if it’s just putting on a kimono or some military gear, it can really change the con experience for the better.

Also, you can check out the rest of the Panda’s fantastic catalogue of stuff at his YouTube channel. I highly recommend it.

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