The Hypocrisy of the Anti-Loli/Shota Crusade

Icon-MOEPodcast Zero’s Kyuubethe3rd directed me to a YouTube video not too long ago. Apart from being the average unfunny hyperbolic kind of garbage that’s a dime a dozen on YouTube, it made the attempt at debunking the comparison between people saying lolicon causes pedophilia and people saying violent videogames cause real violence.

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Anime Review – Engaged to the Unidentified

Icon-AnimeTo preface this review, I need to explain a concept. Iyashikei describes a calming, almost therapeutic sort of anime. It brings the viewer into a relaxed state of mind. They’re very subtle in presentation and rarely, if ever, are heavy in any aspect, whether it’s comedy, drama, or action. This isn’t that kind of show, but it does have some of those qualities, and that’s significant to my impression of it.

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How to Improve First Impressions

Icon-AnimeSo, it’s the beginning of the season, and we all know what that means: It’s once again time for a cascade of “First Impressions” articles all across the anime blogging community. People are giving their initial reactions to the first episodes of the various anime that are starting to air.

Every season, part of me wants to join in, but I don’t.

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Anime Boston 2014 – Post-Con Media Frenzy

So, Anime Boston happened.

The con was great, as it always was. Wasn’t without its problems, but regardless, I had an absolutely wonderful time.

This is the con report. I’ve got a bunch of media from the con and about the con here, as well as photos. Check them out after the jump.

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