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        1. I didn’t like Kanako, either. Ayase struck me as undeservedly possessive of Kyousuke and far too focused on “changing” Kirino because she doesn’t approve of otaku. I found her to be one of the most narcissistic anime characters I’ve encountered in recent memory, obsessed with making everything and everyone fit her worldview and acting out when she didn’t get her way.

          Also, they did this thing with her where she’ll get the shadow over her eyes, wave a knife around, and handcuff Kyousuke to the desk, but never actually do anything, and that really rubbed me the wrong way. It’s obvious they were trying to give her a “yandere” archetype, but she never had the Yamato Nadeshiko tendencies that are supposed to belie the true nature of a yandere, so, instead, she just came off as a bitch.

          1. Well, when you put it that way, I suppose that makes sense. Although I do think she is a yandere because she did seem like a nice girl when she was first introduced. Personally, I have encountered characters that have pissed me off more than Ayase, but I understand why someone would despise her. She kind of reminds me of a more harsh version of Saki from Genshiken (who is a character I can safely say I wasn’t very fond of), but without giving off an understanding as to why she would act so selfish and rude towards otaku.

  1. Aside from Manami, every single heroines in OreImo is total jerk. i couldn’t even understand how some people could root for Ayase and Kirino, by far the worst romcom heroines i’ve ever seen in my 4 years of watching anime. I’ve always thought that “personality” is what make certain characters likeable, so what do some people see in the two. Nasty? abusive? possessive? Ungrateful? I don’t even . . . .

    Truth to be told, i got myself banging my head against the desk several times upon the fact that Kyousuke ditch Manami and go for Kirino. Worst ending ever.

    1. If you think girls like Kirino are bad, try Louise from Zero’s Familiar. She gives the term “cunt” a whole new meaning.

        1. Well, I guess you have to ask yourself one question. If the genders were reversed and Saito treated Louise the way she treats him would it still be funny, cute, or endearing?

  2. @ Drawingirl94

    Well if that’s the case, then you’re a rare breed. Most of the time people have these double standards about violence against women in cartoons but violence against men is okay.

        1. Well, I’m no MRA, but even I can tell that’s a serious problem. I’m aware sexism doesn’t only exist towards women. Even if I was raised to be a feminist, the humanist in me can’t ignore unfair treatment. I’m always aware of it.

  3. @Drawingirl94

    Well, I hope you don’t mind that I am an Anti-Feminist/MRA myself. I really don’t want our ideologues to get in the way of our friendship.

    1. I don’t mind if one chooses to label themself as anti-feminist or MRA. I prefer the label “humanist” or “equalist” myself. I have plenty of friends with ideologies different from mine. If I can be agnostic and still have Christian friends, then why not be an equalist and be friends with an MRA?

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